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Another week; another winner! Congratulations to Malinche restaurant: our Small Business Spotlight of the week. Described as a Mexican culinary experience, this Ellisville, Missouri hot spot was nominated for its friendly service, attention to detail and, of course, their delicious food. Read on to learn more about what makes this restaurant a gem in their neighborhood!

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The Celebration Of Women

Angel Jimenez-Gutiérrez operates Malinche with his mother, Doña María Gutiérrez Molina, and co-owner Alex Ayala. The restaurant is named after La Malinche: a female translator from the 1500s who helped facilitate conquistador Hernán Cortés’ expedition into Mexico City. Known as the mother of Mexico, La Malinche represents the birth of a new culture between the Spanish and American indigenous people. The restaurant’s mission is to celebrate women and La Malinche by creating food that merges the two cultures together.

A Mother’s Touch

Angel’s mom serves as the head chef at Malinche. Through her cooking, she brings over 150 years of family traditions that have been passed down from generations. “She’s 65 and works extremely hard,” says Angel. “She’s always learning new techniques, trying different approaches and overall being open to find new ways to surprise our clientele. All of us could learn from her passion and willingness to excel.”

Rising Success

Like any good business, Angel credits their progress to teamwork. “We have a mindful team that cares for each other. Therefore, it’s easy to care for our beloved diners.” Although he’s wary of giving advice to other small businesses, Angel can only share what he has learned from his many years of experience. “What has worked for me in the past is to always to look within, see what I can do better and be open for the feedback and criticism that is always there for me,” he says. “Being aware of that is what has helped me grow and learn from my own experience.”

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