Behind The Design

Let's Dish With Brian Gluckstein

Clean and contemporary with a flair for art deco, Brian Gluckstein is an acclaimed interior designer who partnered with Lenox to create his own distinguished line of dinnerware. Inspired by architecture, we like to think it’s home décor for the table.

We chatted with Brian to learn more about his style, inspiration and go-to entertaining tips. Read on to find out what music is always on, his dream dinner guest and more!

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Q: How would you describe your entertaining style?
A: It depends on the event. Sometimes I’m hosting something more formal and sometimes more casual, but I always like a table styled with great dinnerware, silver, wonderful flowers and beautiful table linens.

Q: What’s the go-to meal on your table?
A: A big harvest salad with lots of leafy greens, chickpeas and grilled chicken. It feels like a healthy take on comfort food. It’s a dish I love and often make a few times a week.

Q: What’s something people may not know about you?
A: That I actually love to spend time at home. People think I’m very social and out all the time, but I’m really a homebody.

Q: What’s your #1 entertaining tip?
A: Get everything ready in advance and then relax. And if anything goes wrong, just go with the flow.

Q: What inspires your style?
A: I’m inspired by fashion trends for color and pattern. So in summer, I might be using linen and light colors. And in winter, it’s harvest colors and dramatic hues- something deeper and richer

Q: What’s your favorite Lenox pattern?
A: I certainly love my entire collection with Lenox. I probably use Audrey most frequently at home. It’s an Art Deco-inspired black and white pattern with a delicate gold accent that makes an incredible statement on the table.

Q: What kind of music is always playing in the background at dinner?
A: Jazz.

Q: What hosting rule is made to be broken?
A: I would say that there really are no rules to hosting and entertaining!

Q: What famous person would you love to have at your table?
A: French interior designer Jean-Michel Frank. He had some of the most interesting clients in the world in the 1930s. It would be fascinating to hear about his process of working with them. I think he’d have some good stories to share!

Q: Besides the table, where else do you like to enjoy your meals?
A: I love to sit outside by the pool. In the summer, we’re always entertaining outdoors. 

We enjoyed sitting with Brian and hearing his thoughts on entertaining. (We’ll definitely be making that healthy harvest salad at our next gathering!) How do you like to entertain? Share your inspiration with us by tagging @lenox on Instagram and Facebook. Happy hosting!