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4 DIY Easter Ideas

We know how much you love to get creative! From the tablescape pictures you share to the inventive recipes you create, we know there’s no end to what your imagination dreams up, especially for the holidays. Easter is hopping on over soon, so we’re sharing some of our favorite DIY ideas to make your space ready for the season. Here are four easy ways to prep and pep your home for Easter.


Display Your Easter Eggs

Now this is a shelf to dye for. Show off your newly painted Easter eggs by tucking them into your Lenox vases and glassware. The key to a memorable mantel is to vary the size, height and color of your pieces, so scramble up your egg display with our Valencia cocktail glasses and flutes in smoky blue hues. Psst…we found a quick trick for making these tie-dye eggs: fill a bowl with water and a few drops of nail polish, then swirl your egg around to create the colorful marbled effect. Voilà!


Make A Statement Arrangement

Get your pitcher working overtime! Turn it into a piece of décor with just a few quick updates. Start with a sweet pitcher, then add a few branches inside and fan them out. Next, pick up our Floral Easter mini ornaments. The 10-piece set features flowers, eggs and a cute blue bunny for decorating your porcelain tree. Scatter the small ornaments on the branches to give it a little Easter touch. It’s a modern floral arrangement that will be the focal point of your home.


Create An Easter Scene

We’re up to our ears in adorable bunny décor. Give your sideboard or table its own Easter scene with some well-placed spring figurines. Our Light-Up Bunnies are beautifully crafted with pierced floral details to let the light shine from the inside. Pair them both together with greenery in the background for a quick and easy Easter update. For a more playful display at dinner, take your Light-Up Cottage Figurine off the shelf and give it center stage at your table. Lay a bed of Easter grass down on a serving tray and put the figurine at the center. Add a few speckled eggs scattered around and you’re done! It’s bound to be a topic of conversation at your Easter dinner.



Make Pom-Pom Place Settings

All out of eggs and need a good craft idea with your kids? Try your hand at these pom-pom bunnies! They’re easy to make and they double as a creative place setting for your table if you add some ribbon and a name card. Our Senior Art Director, Allison Lindner, made these bunnies in minutes and displayed them with our Sprig & Vine dinnerware, Tuscany Classics wine glass and Colebrook flatware. Here’s how you can make your own:

Step 1: Cut a piece of cardboard into two big C shapes and two small C shapes. Leave only a bit of space where the ends meet.
Step 2: Group the circles together by size and loop the yarn around both until they are filled. Leave space at the ends. Tuck in your extra yarn and leave about a 3” tail.
Step 3: Cut off a 7” piece of yarn from your skein.
Step 4: Take your bigger yarn circle and cut around the middle of the two Cs. You should now have a pom-pom with cardboard in the middle.
Step 5: Take the 7” piece of yarn and tie it from in between the cardboard. Discard the cardboard.
Step 6: Cut off any excess yarn and shave off a few of the ends of your pom-pom to make it look even.
Step 7: Repeat steps 3-6 for the smaller yarn circle.
Step 8: Hot glue pieces of white and pink felt together to create the bunny’s ears. Glue black and pink marbles to the smaller pom-pom to form the bunny’s eyes and nose.
Step 9: Hot glue both pom-poms together.
Step 10: Add a cotton ball to the back for his tail and you’re done!
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