About Lenox

Q: Do you have job openings?
A: At Lenox, you have the opportunity to be a part of a company that truly cares about its people and knows that hiring the right talent is key to driving results. We are continually looking for high-caliber employees who will take pride in working for Lenox and upholding its rich heritage. For details on job postings, visit the Work With Us page.

Q: When was Lenox founded and by who?
A: Lenox was founded in 1889 by Walter Scott Lenox and his vision has guided the company to set the highest standards for quality, artistry, and beauty.
For more information about Lenox's history, mission statement, corporate contacts and more, we encourage you to visit the About Us section of our website.


Q: Can you provide the current value for a discontinued dinnerware pattern?
A: Unfortunately, Lenox is not involved in the secondary market to provide a current market value. However, we suggest contacting www.replacements.com who buy and sell older Lenox products.

Q: What is this tiny mark on the back of my dinnerware?
A: These marks are created by a technique called pin-firing. Some of our dinnerware pieces feature authentic pin marks on the back to showcase their high-quality manufacturing. We pin-fire our dinnerware to give each piece a fully glazed foot. This is a normal characteristic of the technique and is not a flaw, but actually a genuine representation of the quality care given to that piece.
Q: How do I know if a Lenox pattern I already have is microwave or dishwasher safe?
A: To determine if a pattern is microwave safe, please examine the bottom of your dinnerware. It will state on the bottom of the ware if it is dishwasher and microwave safe. If it does not state dishwasher or microwave safe on the bottom, it is not safe for the dishwasher or microwave. Also on site
Q: What is the small blue mark on the back of the fine china I have purchased?
A: Fine china pieces that are hand-inspected will have marks that look like magic marker. These marks, including initials or numbers, are easily removed by using a sponge and warm soapy water over the affected area. "
Q: What is the best way to remove scuff/metal marks from plates?
A: Defects in dinnerware typically become apparent within the first days of use however utilitarian marks from years of use (such as metal marks) can build up over time. Stoneware glazes look and feel very smooth; however, the surface is composed of microscopic peaks and valleys. When metal utensils, which are often softer than the glaze, contact the stoneware, tiny metal particles become caught in the microscopic valleys.
Though some users characterize the gray marks as scratches, usually there is no damage to the glaze or the stoneware body. The metal deposits can be removed with a variety of cleansers, including Bon Ami, Soft Scrub, or Bar Keepers Friend.
As all dinnerware manufacturers will attest, metal marks are not considered a product defect and can easily be removed with a porcelain cleanser. You may also read this helpful tip from Good Housekeeping’s Hints from Heloise on cleaning the marks with baking soda.
Stoneware and Earthenware patterns are more prone to metal marks than china and porcelain.
Lenox recommends when stacking dishes to place a china protector between each plate to protect from the damage the daily sliding can cause. If china protectors are not available a good substitute is clean coffee filters or paper towels.
For full use and care of Lenox Dinnerware, please see our Use and Care Suggestions.
Q: Can you microwave melamine?
A: We do not recommend using our melamine products in the microwave.
Q: Is all your Holiday Bakeware oven safe?
A: Our Holiday Bakeware is microwave, oven, and freezer safe. For more information, please visit the Use and Care page on
our website.
Q: Are the Winter Greetings and Holiday Dinnerware patterns dishwasher safe?
A: Yes, both of those patterns are dishwasher-safe. To check if a product is dishwasher safe, Click on the DETAILS section of the product detail page.
Q: Do you sell larger dinnerware sets?
A: Yes, many of our most popular collections come in large set options. 

Q: If a pattern is listed as dishwasher safe on your website but is over 50 years old is it still dishwasher safe?
A: Our dishwasher safe dinnerware patterns were first made dishwasher safe in 1964. However, if you are concerned about the age of the dinnerware we recommend you hand wash the

Q: Do mugs under the same pattern sold individually as opposed to in a place setting have different capacities?
A:Usually they are the same however, they can differ. To determine the capacity or size of an item individually or in a place setting click on details listed below add to cart option for capacity.
Q: Does your Fine China ever go on sale?
A: Our promotions run daily and are featured at the top of our home page. They include a code that must be entered at check out. You can also sign up to receive promotions via email. 
Q: Where can I find your Winter Greetings dinnerware?
A: Our Winter Greetings pattern is found within our holiday entertaining section.
Q: How do I tell if you still carry a pattern I purchased in 2002?
A: To determine if we still carry a pattern, type the pattern name in the search box at the top right corner of our website.
Q: Is your china heat resistant?
A: Never place china in contact with a direct flame or subject it to extreme temperature changes. Placing a silver spoon in the cup or other hollowware will help avoid thermal shock. Serving pieces should be at room temperature before putting hot foods in them.
Q: How should I store my china?
A: When stacking fine china for storage, put a cushion between each piece to prevent the surface from being scratched by the piece above it. Keep in an area with sufficient storage space so that the pieces don't touch shelves or other pieces. You can purchase separators and zippered china protectors to store china or simply use napkins, paper towels or coffee filters.
Q: How should my china be washed?
A: Harsh heavy-duty detergents, scouring powders, and steel wool pads are abrasive and should never be used on dinnerware. When washing china by hand, place a towel or rubber mat on the bottom of your sink for protection. All Lenox fine china is dishwasher-safe. When washing Lenox china in the dishwasher, use a mild liquid or powder detergent. Load china securely on racks so that the pieces do not touch, and so they won't be dislodged by water action. Ensure that the dishwasher is in good working condition and has no exposed metal racks. Also ensure that metal objects (pots, pans, utensils) do not come in contact with the china. Use a mild wash cycle, and let pieces cool before removing.


Q: I'm interested in entertaining and need some tips. What do you suggest?
A: Lenox is the leading name in home entertaining, offering the widest range of styles relevant to the way Americans entertain today, from casual and intimate gatherings to pull-out-the-stops formal gala occasions. We have a variety of entertaining ideas, tips and tricks, recipes and more so be sure to check out our discover section!


Q: Do you still carry the yearly Birthday Train?
A: This collection has been retired.


Q: How do I find my specific Lenox flatware pattern?
A: If you do not know your pattern name, please send photos (front and back) of your flatware and/or dinnerware to our Correspondence Team at our email - info@lenox.com. Our Team will do our best to identify your items.
Q: What kind of dish soap should I use on my stainless
A: We recommend using a mild detergent to avoid spotting. While your flatware is dishwasher safe, we do however recommend that you do not use any detergents with lemon of citrus. Click here for more use & care tips.
Q: Does stainless steel flatware need to be washed by hand?
A: Stainless is dishwasher-safe; use a mild detergent to avoid spotting. Loosely load your dishwasher so water circulates freely, and avoid contact with aluminum, other metal objects, and the heating element as high heat can be corrosive. Load the dishwasher with the handles of the forks and spoons pointing down and the knife handles up. NOTE: Although not recommended, hollow-handled knives may be washed in the dishwasher, but hot temperatures may loosen the handles.
When washing by hand, use hot, soapy water; rinse and dry immediately with a soft cloth.
Q: What happens if I don't wash my stainless steel flatware right away?
A: Foods can leave acids or oils that may tarnish, so wash stainless promptly after each use. Avoid prolonged soaking, as the corrosive effect of water may cause pitting or staining.
Q: My stainless steel flatware is darkened. What can I do?
A: Metal polish can be used to remove the occasional darkening caused by the ingredients in tea, coffee, salad dressings, and vinegar.


Q: What is your Customer Service number?
A: Our Customer Service number is 1-800-223-4311.
Q: I signed up for Emails. How do I get the 15% off my first order?
A: After registering your email address, you will receive a promotion code via email to receive 15% off your first item.
Q: Do you ship to APO AP Boxes for Military families?
A: Yes, we do ship to APO AP Boxes.
Q: Where can I find the promotions and sales you offer?
A: Each day, we update our website with promotions and discounts. The promotions we offer are located at the bottom of the page under Today's offers.  If your order qualifies, you would enter the promotion code in the promotion code box during the checkout process.
Q: Once an order is submitted, can I make any changes to it?
A: Our apologies. As noted online we are unable to cancel or make any changes to an order. Due to our Live Order system, once the submit button is pressed the order is electronically processed and sent for processing and fulfillment.
Q: How do I care for my Lenox products?
A: For more information on how to care for your specific products, and questions on whether they are dishwasher or microwave safe, can go from freezer to oven, etc., we encourage you to review our Use and Care instructions.
Q: Is there a Lenox store near me?
A: Lenox no longer has retail locations, but you can find our products in retail stores across the country. Please view our Store Locator to find the closest retailer to you.
Q: What is your Replacement Program?
A: The Lenox Replacement Promise ensures if you break your Lenox brand dinnerware or coordinating serveware pieces, we will replace it for FREE. The free replacement applies only to Lenox brand dinnerware and coordinating serveware pieces, provided the replacement is available, and only if breakage occurs during normal use or if an item is defective.
Q: How much do you have to spend for free shipping?
A: Lenox offers free standard shipping for orders with a subtotal of $75.00 +. Occasionally, we offer different shipping promotions including free shipping on all orders. If you would like to be notified of free shipping days, we suggest clicking Email Sign Up located at the top of our page.
Q: Can you provide the purchase cost of a dinner set we received in 1980 and if the value increased?
A: Since we are not involved in the secondary market, we are unable to offer information on the current market value. You may want to contact www.Replacements.com (1-800-737-5223) or www.Ebay.com to determine the current selling price. You may also want to try an Antiquities dealer in your area
Q: The promocode states it is sitewide, but it is not applying it towards Kate Spade items. Can you please explain ?
A: We are sorry. Unfortunately, designer items such as Kate Spade are not eligible for promotions as is stated upon review of your cart during checkout.
Q: How do I know if a pattern will be discontinued soon?
A: Lenox reviews all items on a yearly basis. While we strive to keep them active for as long as possible, if the sales decline there is sometimes a need to phase them out.
Q: How do I register a product online?
A: Click Here to register online for The Lenox Replacement Promise.

Q: Can I change my email address on my Lenox account?
A: Unfortunately, your email address can not be changed on your online account. Your username log-in is your email address, and this is how your account was created. You would need to click on Create Account and create a new account with your updated email address as your username.
Q: How do I order custom dinnerware for my business?
A: Please send all inquiries via email to info@lenox.com and a representative will be happy to assist you.

Q: Can I use more than one promotion code on my order?
A: Unfortunately you can only use one promotion per order.
Q: Do you sell wholesale?
A: Yes, for all wholesale orders and inquiries please contact our customer service department at 800-971-7709 or email and a representative will be happy to assist you.
Q: Why was my backorder cancelled?
A: Your order may have been cancelled due to lack of inventory.
Q: Can all Lenox products be personalized?
A: Only items with the word personalized in the beginning of the title are eligible for personalization. We also have a tab along the top of our website where you can filter and view just personalized items.

Q: What is the lead content level in your products?
A: We want to assure you that the safety of our customers is very important to us. We have checked with our design team and all items pass both the Prop 65 and FDA regulations for lead extraction for food contact items. Our products are government tested annually and we assure you that our products test far below the stringent lead limits set by the Federal Food and Drug Administration and Tableware Safety Program standards.
Q: Where can I find the diameter/size of a product?
A: When you are viewing one of our products, please click on the More Information tab which is located to the right of the product. Under this, you will find the size, diameter, etc. of the item. We also suggest using our chat functionality in the bottom right corner of the site to contact a customer service representative if you have any further questions.
Q: Is there an easier way to remove the label from the new flatware and dinnerware set I've purchased?
A: We recommend to soak the items in warm soapy water and then use a paste of baking soda and water to remove the adhesive.
Q: I used to have an annual subscription, how do I sign up again?
A: To enroll in an automatic annual subscription please contact us at 1-800-223-4311 or info@lenox.com and we would happy to assist you.
Q: I think I accidentally placed my order twice. What do I do?
A: If you think you may have duplicated your order by accident, please contact us at 1-800-223-4311 or info@lenox.com.
Q: Is your website secure?
A: We guarantee that every Lenox.com transaction you make will be 100% safe. To learn more regarding our Secure Shopping please click here.
Q: Is there an extra charge to personalize an item?
A: Yes, $4.95 per ornament and $9.95 for all other personalized items.
Q: Can I order an online product by phone?
A: Yes, you can place an order by phone by calling 1-800-223-4311.
Q: I placed an order and did not receive an email confirmation.
A: Once you place your order you will receive an email confirmation within the hour. When your order ships you will receive an email providing you with the
tracking information
Q: Do items come boxed?
A: Yes, all of our items arrive in a Lenox gift box.
Q: How do we mark who the gift is for?
A: We are sorry. Unfortunately, items in a package cannot be individually marked. However, you can add a general gift message to the order as part of the gift wrapping selection.
Q: Do you ship to Canada? If so, please tell me how to complete my order.
A: Thank you for your interest in our company and products; however, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accommodate your request to ship outside of the United States.
Due to customs regulations, shipping and insurance costs, and international banking regulations, we are unable to accept or ship orders outside of the United States.
Q: Where do I find a promotion code for an item?
A: Our promotions run daily and are featured at the top of our home page as well as in our today's offer section. They include a code that must be entered at check out. You can also sign up to receive promotions via email. To do this, simply choose Email Sign Up located above the promotion banner at the top of the website.
Q: Can you price match a product?
A: We are sorry. Unfortunately, we are unable to price match a product.
Q: How do I know if I can purchase other pieces under a pattern to complete the set, like serving dishes, glassware, platters, dessert plates?
A: To see if we carry other pieces under a certain pattern, type the name of the pattern in the search box at the top right corner of the website.
Q: Do you have military discount ?
A: We are sorry. Unfortunately, we do not offer a military discount. However, each day we feature a new promotion that appears on the top banner of our homepage. You can also sign up to receive promotional discounts via email.
Q: If an item is not on your wesbite, do you no longer carry it?
A: If an item is not currently featured on our website we may no longer carry the item or we do not have the product available at this time.
Q: How do I know when a promotion expires?
A: Each day we feature a new promotion that appears on the top banner of our homepage as well as in our today's offer section.Typically they are valid for 24 hours. You can also sign up to receive promotional discounts via email.
Q: How do I search for a product?
A: If you're looking for a particular product or type of product, enter a word, phrase, or item number by clicking on the magnifying glass located at the upper-right corner of the screen and typing your search value in - the site will return all matching products. You can also browse our product assortment using the category links at the top of the page
Q: What if my item breaks?
A: You may replace your item through the Lenox Replacement Promise program.


Q: How do I select gift-wrap?
A: Many of our products have the option for gift-wrap. Once you have selected your items and added them to your shopping cart, you must click the shopping cart icon located at the top right-hand corner of the screen. After clicking this, you will see a listing of everything currently in your cart, and will have an option to + Add Gift Wrap.

Q: If I am sending a product as a gift, will there be any billing information included?
A: We never include billing or pricing information inside of a package.
Q: I received a gift from someone and I do not know who sent the gift. How do I find out who sent the gift?
A: you received a gift and are unsure who sent it, please call contact us at answers@lenox.com or call 1-800-223-4311 and a representative would be happy to assist you.
Q: Can gifts be sent directly to the recipient?
A: Yes, a gift can be sent directly to a gift recipient along with a gift card.


Q: What is a DOF glass?
A: DOF stands for Double Old Fashioned and is a short tumbler used for serving an alcoholic beverage, such as whiskey with ice cubes (on the rocks). It is also normally used to serve certain cocktails, such as the Old Fashioned, from which it receives its name. A double Old Fashioned glass (sometimes referred to by retailers as a DOF glass) contains 12–16 US fl oz (350–470 ml), while an Old Fashioned glass contains 6–10 US fl oz (180–300 ml).

My Account

Q: How do I log into my account? I have clicked reset password but have not received an email
A: If you are trying to reset your password online, click on the icon of a person which is located at the top of our website in the right hand corner.
Then enter your email address and click Forgot Password.   The temporary password will be emailed right away.   If you do not receive your temporary password, please check your Spam or Junk folder.
Once you receive the password, go back to the Lenox site and enter your email address and the temporary password. You will then be asked to type the temporary password in the Current Password box and then type a New Password and then Confirm the New Password. ***Please make sure to type your temporary password as security features may cause copy and paste to not work correctly.
Q: How do I create an account?
A: Enjoy the many benefits associated with a free Lenox account. Login or create your account by clicking on the icon of a person that appears at the top right corner of the Lenox.com website between the magnifying glass and heart.

Q: Where is the log out button?
A: To log out of your account please go to the top right hand corner of the screen and click on where your name is displayed.  You will go to the My Account Page where you can click on the logout link.
Q: How can I change my password?
A: You can update your password by logging on to your Lenox.com account and accessing your online profile.


Q: Do you have replacement gold cords to hang ornaments?
A: We do have replacement tassels for ornaments available. If you need one, please call 1-800-223-4311 or email us at info@lenox.com and we would be happy to send you one as a courtesy.
Q: Do you carry ornaments year round or are they seasonal?
A: Lenox carries ornaments throughout the entire year. We believe that any time is the perfect time to choose new Lenox ornaments for your tree, or as gifts for the special people in your life.
Q: Where are your Baby's 1st Christmas Ornaments?
A: Lenox offers many different options for our Baby's First Christmas Ornaments. Some of the ornaments have the option to add your own personalization. Please Click Here to view our "for the Baby" selections.
Q: Are the forever friends ornaments boxed separately?
A: All of our Personalized Forever Friends ornaments are sold as a set and will arrive together in one box.
Q: What year did Lenox start the Annual Snowman Ornament collection?
A: The Annual Snowman Ornament started in 1998 with our Frosty Morning Snowman. Every year, Lenox has released a new addition to this collection.
Q: What was the first year that lenox manufactured the yearly Tinkerbell Christmas ornament?
A: Our first Tinkerbell Ornament was released in 2006. The Perfect Pixie Ornament is the first item in this annual collection
Q: Are your ornaments signed Lenox on the product?
A: No, not all of our ornaments are printed with Lenox on them. However, they do all come in a Lenox gift box.
Q: Do all annual ornaments have the year on the piece?
A: No, some ornaments have the year on the item, but others have the year on the hang tag.

Payments & Orders

Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: We are sorry, but once your order is submitted we are unable to make any changes to your order. Due to our Live Order system, once the submit button is pressed, the order is electronically processed and sent for processing and fulfillment.
Q: I am trying to use an American Express Gift card to pay for my purchase. There is no name on the gift card but system is requiring name on card. How do I proceed to pay with the card?
A: Unfortunately Lenox does not accept gift cards as an payment option.
Q: Do you offer free returns?
A: If you would like to return something on your order, please call us for a return authorization number. You may contact us at 1-800-223-4311 and we would be happy to assist you.
Items must be returned to the original place of purchase within 120 days of purchase date. We do not offer free returns unless there was an error on our part.
Q: If I order an item that is on a backorder, when does the payment go through?
A: We do not charge customers until their order ships out. Meaning if an item is on a backorder, the charge will not go through until the day it ships out for delivery.
Q: Why has the price changed in my shopping bag?
A: Our system automatically updates prices daily on items left in the Shopping Cart. The amount reflects the most current price offered at Lenox.com.

Q: I just placed a phone order not even an hour ago, but would like to order a different ornament instead of the one that got ordered. Is it possible to change my order?
A: We are sorry. Unfortunately, once an order is placed it is unable to be modified.
Q: Why can’t I see my purchases from last year?
A: We are sorry, but we are only able to display orders back to October of 2019.

Q: Am I able to use PayPal for my purchase?
A: Yes. During checkout, we accept both credit cards and PayPal as a payment option.
Q: How do I use a gift card I received from the store to purchase online?
A: Our retail stores are now permanently closed, if you have a gift card that was purchased in one of our stores please reach out to customer service at 1-800-223-4311 and we will try to accommodate your purchase online. 
Q: If my order arrives with broken items, what do I do to get these items replaced?
A: If your order arrives with broken items, please contact us at 1-800-223-4311 or info@lenox.com
Q: I am tax exempt. How can I send the paperwork so I can submit it to remove the taxes?
A: If you have a tax exempt paperwork, please fax it to us at 1-267-525-5616. Once we received the paperwork we would be happy to refund the taxes on your order to you.
Q: What forms of payment does Lenox accept?
A: If you are placing your order online, our two forms of payment we accept are PayPal and credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card.
Q: Why is there tax on the shipping?
A: As you are probably aware, most states require their residents to pay sales tax on any goods used in the state, even those products ordered from out-of-state companies. We are required to collect sales tax in those states where our company has a legal presence. Having a sales person or sales agent who travels within a state is considered to constitute presence.
Q: I have a code for 25% off my order. Why does it say not valid?
A: Please make sure the items you are attempting to purchase are not excluded from the promotion.
Q: The website states that my credit card number is invalid.
A: We recommend verifying that all credit card fields are populated accurately prior to submitting your order. If you continue to experience difficulties placing your order please call 1-800-223-4311 and a representative will be happy to assist you.
Q: My CVV code is invalid.
A: We recommend verifying that all credit card fields are populated prior to submitting your order. If you continue to experience difficulties placing your order please call 1-800-223-4311 and a representative will be happy to assist you.
Q: Where is the section to write a Christmas greeting and names?
A: You may enter a gift message at the time of checkout. Enter your gift message at below where you enter your shipping information.
Q: If I send my order as a gift to someone do the bill and shipping paperwork come to me?
A: If you send a gift to someone, they will not receive the billing information. Our items do not ship with billing or pricing information. Invoices are sent separately and will be sent to your billing address.

Q: How long does it take for my order to arrive?
A: If your item is in stock it usually ships out of our warehouse in 48 hours. Standard Delivery may take 5-7 days. Personalized items take an additional 5-7 days.
Q: How do I know if my order went through?
A: To determine if your order went through, click sign in at the top left corner of our website. Once you are logged in you can view your account history and any recent orders you have placed. You can also contact customer service at 1-800-223-4311 and a representative will be happy to assist you.
Q: I did not receive an order confirmation for the order that was just placed. How do I get that sent to me?
A: Please allow 1 hour for your confirmation to be received. If you do not receive it after that time frame please contact customer service at 1-800-223-4311.
Q: Why does the order status not show which discounts were applied?
A: The discount applied to your order is reflected in your email confirmation.
Q: May I add another item to my order that I just placed?
A: Unfortunately, we are unable to add to an order once it has been submitted. You may place another separate order for your additional item.
Q: How do I reach customer service regarding my order?
A: You have several options for contacting us at Lenox: Email us: answers@lenox.com, Call us: 1-800-223-4311 or Live Chat: M-F 8:30am - 10pm ET and Sat 8:30am –
4:30pm ET Sun 10am -2pm ET
Q: When does my purchase get charged to my credit card?
A: Your credit card is not charged until your order is shipped.


Q: What items can I personalize?
A: Visit our Personalized page to find all the ornaments, dinnerware, décor and more that you can customize.

Q: I want to order a personalized item that can hold several names/messages, but I only want to add a few. How do I do this?
A: Simply add asterisks (***) in the fields you would like to keep blank. Your preview may show the asterisks, but our Personalization Team will know to keep those lines blank.

Q: Can I change the message on an item if it’s not a part of the customizable field?
A: Unfortunately, no. Some personalized items already have a phrase or a message on them that can’t be changed. The only spots you can customize are the specific personalization fields provided for each item.

Q: Can my personalization appear somewhere else on the item than what is featured in the product picture?
A: Items can only be personalized the way they appear in the product picture, unless otherwise designated.

Q: I see an item that I like, but I don’t want it personalized. How do I continue?
A: Choose the "No Personalization" option on the product page.

Q: Is there any way a regular item can be personalized?
A: Only items labeled as personalized on our website are customizable.

Q: What do I do when I try to preview my personalization and nothing happens?
A: Please make sure to fill out every line of personalization. If you would like to leave a line blank, we ask that you enter asterisks in that field (***), so we know to skip that line when personalizing.

Q: Can I see how my item will look when personalized?
A: Yes. Click the "Save & Preview" option after you finish entering in your personalization. Please note that you can preview your personalization for most items, but we don’t currently offer this feature for every personalized product on our site.

Q: Do you charge for personalization?
A: Yes, it's $4.95 for ornaments and $9.95 for all other personalized items. 

Q: Can I edit my personalized item after I ordered?
A: Unfortunately, no. Once you approve your personalization and submit your order, you can no longer modify, cancel or return your personalized product.

Q: Can I have an item personalized at a later date?
A: All personalization must be submitted at the time of purchase.

Q: Can additional characters be added to a personalized item for an additional cost?
A: Unfortunately, we can’t add any additional characters to personalized items.

Q: I ordered a personalized item and the name/message came out wrong. I checked my order and I entered it correctly. How can I get it fixed?
A: If your personalized item does not match what you ordered, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-223-4311 and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: How long does the personalization process take?
A: The process takes a minimum of 5-7 business days, plus additional time for delivery.

Q: Can my personalized order be expedited?
A: You can expedite your item, but not the personalization process. Personalization will still take a minimum of 5-7 business days to complete. If you choose 2nd Day or Next Day shipping at checkout, your item will ship expedited once the personalization is finished.


Q: How do I create a registry?
A: Creating a registry is easy. Complete the Create Registry form on My Registry and start adding items to your registry list.
Q: How do I find a registry?
A: Finding a registry is easy. Enter the first and last name of the bride or groom on My Registry and start adding gifts from the couple's registry list.