Wine Glass Sets

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Wine Glass Sets

Elegant, creative and carefully-crafted, wine glasses from Lenox make the perfect guest at your dinner party, festive night with friends or formal event. Explore our collection of luxury wine glasses and find the perfect accompaniment for your favorite vintages.

We boast the perfect glasses for wine of any variety, tailoring each traditional shape for the best expression of your white, red, or sparkling styles. You’ll find among our collection the right set for any occasion, any drink, any memory-to-be-made—pieces that, despite their versatility and beauty, will stand the test of time. All of our wine glass sets reflect the guaranteed durability of fine glassware, showcasing the polished elegance and premium quality we’re proud to have produced for over a century.

When you add one of our wine glass sets to your glass stemware collection, you’ll transform your cabinet into a show-stopping gallery, complete with unique and elevated glasses. Show dinner party guests to a sophisticated table, with a decanter and glasses that cater to the wine you’ve selected for your meal, whether it’s a bold Napa cab or a delicate Bordeaux. Or, bring the family home for the holidays and introduce them to a new level of luxury with festive, gold-rimmed balloon glasses.

No matter if you’re planning a romantic dinner in your studio or selecting stemware for a large celebration, with versatile wine glass set sizes—from 2 to 18-pieces—you’ll find the perfect collection for your space, and your company.

As every good host knows, the right set of wine glasses makes the event. With our crystal glassware sets, yours will be unforgettable. Whether you celebrate the season with Christmas-ready glasses—tastefully adorned with stunning holly leaves and berries—or spend summer sipping crisp white wine from a classic Tuscany white wine glass or red wine from a stemless wine glass, you’ll always have the perfect crystal wine glass in arm’s reach.

Drink joyfully with Lenox’s wine glass collection.