Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

Looking for a foolproof gift guide for Valentine’s day? February 14th has a reputation for being one of the “fluffier” holidays, but any occasion that encourages us to reflect on the love in our lives is an opportunity. Whether you’re meditating on how a partner, parent, teacher, daughter, niece or friend has impacted you, February 14th is that hallmark moment when we express our gratitude for the astounding people in our lives.

This year, it’s time to opt for something a touch more unique than the box of chocolate and a rose bouquet for Valentine’s date night. Here, we’ll introduce you to a seven-part Valentine’s day gift guide that will give the women in your life a thoughtful gift they will love for a lifetime.

For the Plant Mom: An Elegant Vase

It takes a true professional homemaker to remember to pick up fresh flowers from the farmer’s market along with the week’s supply of apples—but having a gorgeous vase on hand makes it a little bit easier. And fresh-cut blooms aren’t just beautiful to look at—studies show they have a measurably positive effect on our psychology. In chillier months like February, even a hint of loveliness, liveliness and a delightful aroma can bring a flare of color to the winter doldrums.

For the Study Bug: Her New Favorite Mug

There are plenty of ways to show the younger Valentines in your life you care, from a fun new gadget to a year’s worth of their favorite streaming service (at the very least, so she stops stealing your password).

But there’s one thing every student from high school to grad school will universally appreciate: a new coffee-ready ceramic to assume the role of their new favorite accessory. Skip the gift shop buys and invest in a mug that’ll take a front-row seat in their kitchen cabinet. Make this a personalized gift and complete this by complementing it with a set of high-quality teas or coffee beans from their favorite local neighborhood café.

For the Perfect Hostess: A Compact Dinnerware Set

Most of us can divide our dinnerware into two classes: the ones we use daily, and the ones we seldom (and often, never) dust off for special occasions. When you give the queen of hospitality an irresistibly lovely dinnerware set—be it a 12-piece set or a nesting tableware set—make sure to tell her you insist she uses it often (so long as you’re invited to her next legendary party).

For the Family Matriarch: A Charming Picture Frame

With everything gone digital these days, there’s something undeniably special about a tangible printed photograph. Whether the matriarch of your family has treasured family photos to display or wants an up-to-date portrait (ideally where all the kids are smiling), a classic picture frame lets her take pride in the incredible accomplishment of helping raise and uphold a vibrant family.

For the Recent Grad: Grown-Up Glassware

You know you’ve truly grown up when you take a peek inside your kitchen cabinets and see all the glasses match (and you’ve gotten rid of every plastic cup acquired from a college football game).

Help the recent grad in your life feel ultra grown-up with a hostess’s supply of gorgeous glassware. After all, there’s nothing like an impeccable, candy-colored set of glasses to keep those dishes from piling up in the sink.

For the Social Butterfly: Gear for Cocktail Hour

For the eminent entertainer in your life, a few of the best gifts are a better match than some high-quality cocktail gear. Planning on celebrating Valentine’s day at home? No worries, do a little sleuthing to find out her drink(s) of choice, create a personalized gift and treat your loved one to:

For the Sous-Chef In-Training: Impeccable Kitchen Tools

Whether she’s an avid Great British Baking Show enthusiast or known to be one of the best chefs in your friend group, a chef’s full talents can only ripen with the proper tools. Help your loved one reach her full culinary potential with:

  • A geometric knife set in modern print to catch the eye while she’s showing off her knife skills
  • Butterfly embossed spatulas to make meringue, soft scrambled eggs or perfectly apply frosting to her confections
  • A cheeky tart or pie dish to inspire the perfect fruity dessert for every season

And for lazy Sundays when she’s taking the day off from flipping the perfect French omelet? A sourdough baguette, scotch bonnet jam and a beautiful toaster are one of the best Valentine’s day gifts you can give.

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