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3 Unique Easter Tablescapes

There’s no season as inherently creative as spring. In a matter of weeks, a frozen world bursts into bloom, full of color and life! It’s a special time of year that we love to celebrate—and emulate—with refreshing tablescapes that mimic the season’s renewing spirit. Especially for Easter, we’ve dreamed up three unique tables to inspire you to shake things up, wake things up, and honor the cleverness and creativity of this lively, lovely season.


Welcome to Bunnyland

Hop to it—this tablescape brings our Easter best with the cutest critters and joyful colors courtesy of our Butterfly Meadow Bunny Collection. Mixed with pastel pieces from Butterfly Meadow Cottage, it gives the lively vibe of a field in full bloom. From cute coffee cups and plate sets to luxury serveware, this Easter tablescape will bring all the spring colors and elements. Gingham linens keep the look as pretty as a picnic, and if you love our bright and bold carrot and bouquet centerpiece, read our DIY blog here for a how-to. (It’s so easy!) As a fabulous finishing touch, we added daffodils popping from undyed eggs, held in place with charming egg cups—new to our Butterfly Meadow collection.


A Natural Take

For this table, we let mother nature take the stage with earthy elements and rugged textures—to start, you’ll want to use a wooden table or a linen tablecloth for the best effect. French Perle Scallop dinnerware in white reminds the eye of melting snow, while early spring perennials (daffodils and hyacinths) add a burst of Easter-perfect color. French Perle tall glassware and Textured Neutral flatware add uncomplicated shine that won’t compete with the focal point—a mossy table runner dotted with eggs and other symbols of the season. To finish, nests on each place setting add playful springtime novelty to the scene.


More Is More

In the earliest days of spring, who hasn’t tried scattering a packet of mixed wildflowers to see what might emerge? With our More Is More Easter table, we wanted to embrace the unexpected and a maximalist aesthetic with a delightful array of dinnerware. Blending fine Westmore and Federal china with everyday French Perle Scallop in ice blue,  we created place settings like layered petals, making the whole table its own showstopping bouquet. (To try this on your own table, there’s only one rule: stick to a palette!) Imperial Caviar flatware elevates with a golden glow the table deserves, while floral linens and fresh bouquets take the tablescape to the next level. 

Which one is your favorite? How are you setting your Easter table? Snap a picture and share! Be sure to tag @lenox on Facebook or Instagram or @lenox1889 on TikTok.