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Reusable, Recyclable & Sustainable Entertaining DIYs

Sustainability is about more than just going green—it’s about making life more livable and enjoyable in the long run. By far the easiest, trendiest way to do your part is by reusing and recycling existing materials. It’ll help you reduce your environmental impact, save money, and have fun! We have a few fab ways for you to reduce, reuse, and reimagine your tablescape and décor for special events and gatherings.

When you’re getting ready to wine and dine guests, you can absolutely impress using sustainable a little ingenuity, perhaps. These simple DIYs are sure to inspire eco-friendly ideas for your next event!

1) Newspaper Placemats

Done reading the morning paper? Don’t toss it just yet! Pick pages with articles and images that would make great additions to your party theme or color scheme. Then simply cut or fold as needed and lay pages flat to add interest and character to your table.

2) Reclaimed Tin Cans

Have empty cans sitting in your recycling bin? Give them new life with warm water and a little bit of elbow grease. Once they’re cleaned up, you’re left with a blank slate that’s perfect as is or painted to match your tablescape. Use them as anything and everything from vessels to vases! Need to fill those vases? Don’t go to the grocery store where the flowers are treated with who-knows-what; look past your door to what’s right outside! Harvest whatever catches your eye, from grasses to wildflowers to twigs. The only rule? Don’t pick them all. Pluck a few for your bouquet and leave the rest for the butterflies. 


3) Bring Your Own Plate (BYOP)

Whether you’re throwing a party or going to one, here’s a clever thought! Suggest all attendees bring their own plate! (You love your set, so let it steal the show on the go!) It’s by far the most low-effort, high-impact way to reuse what you already own. Plus, it gives parties a playfully mismatched potluck vibe. Not to mention, reusing materials like dinnerware, drinkware, and flatware prevents a pile-up of paper plates and plastic utensils at the end of the night.
Still, want to hand pick something special? Explore pieces that will become a permanent part of your everyday entertaining.