3 Scary-Good Halloween Party Treats

Summon all kinds of creatures to your table! From little monsters to kid cryptids, here are some treats—with Halloween twists—to satisfy their appetite for sweets. You’ll be able to throw the spookiest shindig in town and ensure one crazy celebration for kids of all ages. Trust us, your house will be their favorite place to haunt if you can whip up some of these wicked ideas. 

Witches’ Hat Cupcakes 

A great snack for little magicians and magesm​ade easy with an instant cupcake mix! These treats will put you under their spell with their perfect blend of scrumptious and simple. Just bake cupcakes as you normally would, let them cool, and add a ghostly dollop of white icing. Then, top them with witch hats! We used paper, but if you have time to witch it up in the kitchen, you can make edible hats with chocolate cookies and kisses held together with honey. In keeping with the Halloween theme, serve your witchery on a dark and dramatic cake stand.


  • 1 package cupcake mix, any flavor
  • Extra ingredients as indicated on cake mix
  • 1 can white icing
  • Paper witch hats
  • Alternatively: chocolate cookies, Hershey Kiss candies, honey


    Eye-clops Sugar Cookies 

    Need a gnarly look with a great taste? Scrumptious monster cookies offer the classic taste of fresh baked goodies with a visual twist that will shoo away the squeamish crowd—which means there’s more for you! Tint any cookie dough with a few drops of green food coloring and bake them back to life. But here’s an important tip: don’t sprinkle on the eyeballs until they’re cooled. Otherwise, things could get messy! (In case you can’t find candy eyeballs at the craft store, they’re easy enough to DIY with tiny dots of white and milk chocolate.) When all is said and done, we suggest you serve these on plates as black as your heart and alongside glasses or mugs of warm milk and cocoa.  


    • 1 package cookie dough 
    • Green food coloring 
    • Candy googly eyes (or white and milk chocolate dots)


    Possessed Clementine Pumpkins 

    Jack-o’ORANGES are all the rage! Get tricky and tropical with a pop of color that’s sure to fool guests at first glance. These little faces serve as faux pumpkins for décor purposes, but they’re also super convenient and nutritious snacks. Grab a bundle of clementines—don’t worry, ones with bumps and blemishes will add extra character—and get doodling with food-safe markers. Let the kids help you and you’ll end up with a variety of different faces, screams, and grins. Pile them high in a footed serving bowl, and when you’re feeling peckish for a light citrusy snack just peel the skin away—you monster! 


    • Clementines 
    • Food-safe markers