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4 Cool Summer DIYs

We know how much you love to get crafty, and this summer is no exception! When you’re not hitting the pool or digging your toes into the sand, we have a few ideas on how to make those summer gatherings extra special. From grown-up party tips to sweet treats for the kids, here are a few easy ideas to make the season even more splashing!


Make Easy Lemon Straw Treats

Bring this carnival favorite to your backyard. It’s super simple to recreate and guaranteed to brighten everyone’s day. Pick up some candy straws and a few lemons. Cut each lemon in half and squeeze the straw into the center (or use a pastry decorating tip to carve out some extra room). Sip and enjoy! This easy treat is perfect for kids to savor, but also makes a juicy addition to cocktails, water or chicken dishes. We laid out our treats on our summer-ready Blue Bay collection for a bit of texture and unique presentation.


Display Your Vintage Bandanas

Get festive for your summer barbecues with a thrifty tip to liven up your table. All season long, snatch up any vintage red, white and blue bandanas you see. Once you have a couple collected, wrap your place setting utensils up in each bandana and cinch it with some twine. It’s a cute, makeshift décor idea that really stands out. You can even use them to make your own bunting flag. It’s 4th of July décor that really beats those plastic centerpieces! For this table, we used our everyday Profile collection featuring basic colors for easy mixing and matching. Paired with a blueberry spritzer in our Tuscany Classics stemless glasses, it’s a spritely set-up for summer occasions.


Chill Wine With Water Balloons

Serve your wine in playful style with this nifty DIY trick. Fill some colorful water balloons with just a few ounces of water and stick them in the freezer for an hour or two. When the party starts, place them in a large serving bowl with your bottles of wine to make a bright ice bucket that sets the tone for your summer gathering! We chilled bottles of white wine and rosé and served each drink in our signature Tuscany Classics glasses that were specifically designed to enhance the different kind of wine you drink. As the sun goes down and the drinks keep flowing, feel free to have a friendly water balloon toss!


Create Natural Napkin Rings

After the meal is cooked and the table is all set, it’s time to prepare the finishing touch. Take a few extra stems from your floral centerpiece and tie them around your linen napkins. It’s a nature-inspired detail that creates a breezy summer look. Paired with the vintage floral designs of our Sprig & Vine dinnerware and surrounded by the golden Portola flatware and gleaming white wine in Tuscany Classics, it all comes together to create an earthy, eclectic setting.

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