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4 Ways To Get The Cottagecore Look

Take your tips from Grandma! Embrace the new aesthetic of quiet, cozy moments at home with the cottagecore look. Affectionally dubbed “grandmillenials”, the younger generation is harkening back to a time of peace and simplicity; when the best weekend called for knitting by the fire or scrapbooking with a cup of tea. The cottagecore trend is all about bringing calm, country motifs to your space and we have four easy ways to add them into your own home. We even made a playlist that you can listen to when you try them out. Give it a spin and send us a picture of the results (or, if you’re a true grandmillenial, mail us your instant film photo!)


Display Your Plates

Treat your dinnerware like a work of art! Decorative plates were a hit back in the day and the trend makes a resurgence decades later because of its unique showmanship. Now, with this generation’s keen eye for mixing patterns and gallery walls, you can create a statement-making collage of your favorite plates! For ours, we mixed the vintage-style designs of Sprig & Vine with creamy white French Perle at the top and our new Scallop pattern on the sides. A show-stopping French Perle platter takes center stage with its intricate, raised bead detail and flourishing edges. We topped it off with the subtle patterns of Textured Neutrals and a shot of stripes from Brook Lane. It’s an easy way to add color and dimension to your home—and guaranteed to get compliments from Grandmom!


Host A Tea Party

Bring back the days of Victoria tea parties (a.k.a.: sipping tea in your loungewear). A favorite for centuries, high tea is a way to elevate your afternoon with a touch of class and sophistication. These finger sandwiches from Chand’s Kitchen are the perfect vegetarian-friendly accompaniment to any tea party. Choose from cucumber or strawberry rose with a cream cheese base. Served on our Sprig & Vine and Blue Bay collections, it’s a sweet and savory snack for your next book club meeting, mid-day catch up with friends or small and simple bridal showers.


Play With Patterns

Mix up different modern dinnerware sets to give your table that eclectic look. The blend of patterns feels right at home with the “little of this” and “little of that” carefree attitude of the cottagecore movement. Make a breakfast basked in sunlight for your first try. On our table, we served farm fresh eggs, sweet strawberries and homemade bread on French Perle. The freshly squeezed orange juice is in our curvy Tuscany Classics decanter with juice glasses for drinking. The rustic motif continues with wood accents and our strong, durable Portola flatware. Finishing the mix is Sprig & Vine to give the table a bit of gentle harmony with notes of the English countryside.


Make A Backwards Bookshelf

Fill your home with the history and inspiration that old books bring. Turn each book backwards so that the pages are the focal point instead of the spines. This clever tip puts the emphasis on the well-worn colors and distinct smells of the books that you’ve had forever. Place a few pieces of décor around the shelves to balance out the look. Our new LX Remix collection fits right in with its centuries-old artistry inspired by classic Lenox patterns, but with bright and bold colors that pop along the neutrals. We added our Autumn Studio candlesticks and pitcher to bring ornate beauty, while these sleek South Street frames from Kate Spade New York give it a golden finish.

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