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6 Ways To Have Fun At Home

Stuck inside with a touch of cabin fever? We have just the solution… Go all out while staying in with our 6 tricks for making the most of your time at home. Besides deep-cleaning the kitchen or using the Kondo method on your closet, here are a few ways you can make the most out of your days inside.


Start With A Clear Head

Whether you’re working from home or kicking off your much-needed weekend, it’s important to get yourself into the right headspace to start your day. Stretch first thing after getting out of bed. Make some time to journal or meditate in the morning. Pour yourself a cup of tea and make a hearty breakfast on our peaceful Sprig & Vine collection. We guarantee it will do wonders for your mental health!


Enjoy Your Lunch Hour

Turn off the computer and turn off your brain! If you’re at home, it’s easy to feel chained to your computer and phone. Step away from the screens and go outside to eat your lunch. Try a brand-new recipe and soak up the sun on your deck or porch. Our Textured Neutrals collection provides the perfect base for outdoor dining. Eat your lunch with your family (even if it’s by video chat!) or just pick up a good book and enjoy your hour to yourself.


Veg Out With Snacks

Our Luna nesting set is great for unwinding at home. Throw in some popcorn, pretzels or dips in Luna’s six bowls and use the two plates to serve yourself. Grab a glass of wine and a controller or just relax on the sofa and start catching up on your ever-growing movie watch list. We’re taking every opportunity to snack and just do nothing (because who knows when you’ll get to do it again?)


Log Off

Who’s up for some card games? If you’re inside with friends or family, a few rounds of Rummy 500 is guaranteed to bring everyone together. Order some takeout and serve it on our Blue Bay pieces for quick and easy snacking while you play. Card games are a great way to spend some time away from screens—and nothing beats some friendly competition with family!


Romantic Dinner For Two

Don’t forget about date night! Even if your schedule has been hectic the last few weeks, it’s important to show your partner some love and give your relationship a little attention. Cook a delicious pasta dish and serve it up in our versatile Profile bowls. Light a few candles, enjoy a glass of wine and put the kids to bed a little early so you two can spend time just with each other.


Relax And Unwind

Now it’s time to pamper yourself! Break out the bubbles and enjoy a warm bath. Our Sprig & Vine serving tray is not just for appetizers, but also doubles as a bath tray you can rest by your side. Throw some bath salts in our Valencia bowl, grab a good book and put on some relaxing music. It’s time to let the day wash away…

How do you care for yourself while staying home? Tell us at by messaging us @lenox on Facebook or @lenoxusa on Instagram. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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