Sparkling Cranberry Pomegranate Mocktail Recipe

Dry bars are gaining in popularity and for good reason! You can imbibe delicious, thoughtfully made drinks without downsides of “one too many.” This cranberry-pomegranate spritzer has wonderful flavors (both subtle and sweet) and is easy to make. Plus, it’s gorgeous! The perfect mocktail to have as an alternative option at your next gathering.

Prep Time: 7 minutes
Serves: 4


⅓ cup (43 g) pomegranate arils, divided
3-4 tablespoons (45-60 ml) agave nectar, to taste
2 tablespoons (30 ml) lime juice
1 tablespoon (2 g) fresh tarragon leaves, plus sprigs for garnish
⅓ cup (79 ml) pure cranberry juice, from concentrate
1 quart (946 ml) sparkling water
Ice cubes
¼ cup (22 g) fresh cranberries
4 lime wedges


  • In a shaker cup, place ½ of the arils, agave nectar, lime juice and tarragon leaves. Muddle mixture for roughly 1 minute, or until tarragon is aromatic.
  • Add cranberry juice, then strain mixture into a decanter or pitcher.
  • Pour sparkling water into decanter, gently swirling to combine.
  • In 4 double old-fashioned glasses place a few ice cubes, followed by cranberries, remaining arils, lime wedges and sprigs of tarragon.
  • Pour cranberry mixture over the ice and serve.