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Create 3 Summer Tablescapes

Outdoor dining is a breath of fresh air—literally! There’s just something about an open table that makes your meals feel more inspired. But you don’t need to be a world-class chef to get kudos from your friends. All it takes is a little creativity and your own personal spin on the traditional place setting. We arranged three distinct tables that you can copy to show off your unique style and personality!

Modern Picnic

Elevate a classic design by swapping plastic for porcelain. This picnic-style set-up emphasizes classic dinnerware from our Profile collection in white and navy. But look closer at the white accent plates: we added faded lines around the rim to give each one a subtle hint of color. The other palette at play is, of course, green. This lush hue coordinates well with the backyard vibe of your summer get-together. From the gingham tablecloth to the budding centerpiece (growing in our Cocktail Party ice bucket, no less!), the green fits right in with the outdoor theme. Rounding out this tablescape is light and bubbly rosé in our Tuscany Classics glasses near our best-selling Portola flatware. Altogether, it’s an effortless way to dine outdoors!

Summer Breeze

This is one of those Pinterest-ready tablescapes that just makes you say, “ahhh…” Designed with bright white linens, the aesthetic is clean and natural with definite summer vibes. Our Blue Bay dinnerware makes up each place setting. The curves of the plates give way to organic textures that are topped off with a metallic trim. We poured white wine in the glasses to mimic the peaceful, golden hour look. It’s a table that you can try for weddings, family dinners or even an extra special date night for two.

Color Me Happy

Now it’s time to play! Drenched in sweet hues, this eclectic tablescape is a fun one to re-create. We split up some of our best patterns to make four unique place settings: Sprig & Vine on French Pere Scallop. Profile underneath blue Sprig & Vine. A green Luna plate on white Blue Bay and a blue Luna plate on dotted Blue Bay. (Trust us: just copy the picture—it’ll be easier!) It definitely gives new meaning to the phrase, “mix and match”. To keep it casual, we added stemless wine glasses and our Textured Neutrals flatware in a tumbled finish for that cool, antique look. This is a table that sets the tone for a fun night with friends!

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