Entertaining Ideas

Fun Summer Party Themes

Happy summer, party people! Maybe you’ll agree, nothing gets the creative juices flowing quite like warmer weather. Now that we’re blissfully into the sunny season, we dreamed up summer party ideas to inspire you and your crew to get together while the days are long and lovely. Like any good shindig, each theme centers around an imaginative table to set the scene and start conversations.

Getaway In Paradise

Imagine inviting guests to a resort getaway…no need to pack a bag, no reservations required. The look is lush, tropical, and nautical—think seafaring chic and your table sets sail! Our British Colonial collection brings adventure to the table with sailboats and palm tree imagery—its gold accents are complemented by Imperial Caviar flatware for a touch of luxe. From our Wicker Creek collection, we borrowed basket-textured serveware and pineapples—the classic symbol for friendship and hospitality. Dense bouquets of tropical blooms and leafy greenery including place cards further invite guests to take a seat and enjoy. Consider requesting partygoers don resort wear or their Hawaiian best. (We’re sure they’ll be all aboard!)

Soiree Under The Sea

Sunken treasure + maritime magic—that’s what’s behind the design of this mermaiden’s gala! To start, select dinnerware: we love how the organic lines of Bay Colors appear to be formed by ocean currents. And Oyster Bay makes a perfect complement, with the same serene lines plus watercolor-inspired artwork with the sway of undersea plant life. Conch shells, coral, and gilded oyster shell elements are right at home here, as well as sun-bleached linens with a texture like sea foam. As for the golden dinglehoppers—they’re Imperial Caviar place settings, obviously pulled from a pirate’s shipwrecked chest. Wear your best pearls and invite the whole pod!

Midsummer Garden Party

Picture the perfect summer day—there’s sun, and fun. But also—romance! (The season seems to call for it.) Our midsummer-inspired table setting is an escape into a secret garden with abundant blooms, natural wood textures, and desserts as sweet as summer love. Wicker Creek’s basket texture nods to intimate picnics, while a Sprig and Vine cake plate mirrors the overgrown garden aesthetic. Honey-hued beverages served in Tuscany Classics glassware look simply refreshing, and we love how Facets vases add a modern angle to our timeless love story. The best part of this floral fantasy table is that it works for a dinner party—or a table for two!