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Herb Garden Bar Cart

Bring the cocktails to them (with a fresh and inventive twist!) We have absolutely everything you need for a wow-worthy presentation—minus the actual cart! From polished decanters to bar tool sets and glasses for every drink under the sun, our assortment is designed to make an impression at your next party. Here’s how to recreate this on-the-go mini bar…

Grab Your Tools

Any good bartender has their secret weapons: those essential bar tools that are often overlooked, but make the difference when mixing a drink. We’re talking about a muddler, jigger and bottle opener. Plus, the best summer cocktails need to stay cool, so you’ll need an ice bucket and a scoop. This is exactly why we made the Cocktail Party Bar Tool Set. Our all-in-one set has all the key components for making drinks. And it packs up nicely into one neat little space saver! For this summer bar cart, we filled the bucket with ice and pulled out the stand to make it easy to grab each tool you need. Talk about a game changer for parties!

Get The Glasses

Because you can’t have friends sipping their fancy drinks from a plastic cup! Make sure you’re covered with every kind of glass for whatever they prefer. Add double old fashioneds, tumblers, cocktail glasses, beer mugs, flutes and wine glasses for every type: red, white and rosé. Plus, stock your bar cart with decanters and a cocktail shaker to help perfect your drinks. We held our wine in the stunning Tuscany Classics aerating decanter for an elegant presentation. The sleek curves and crystal ball top make for head-turning showmanship. (A.K.A.: a lot of “ooooohs” and “aaahhs”.)

Add A Garnish

Now here’s where you go from basic host to “I love going to your house!” Slice up garnishes for drinks and set them out using our Mini Luna. The six small bowls are perfect for lemons, oranges, limes, berries, cucumbers and more. Plus, use the two plates for salt and sugar to coat the rims of your glasses. (Margaritas, anyone?). We carried our herbs with us on the cart so we can easily add them to our drinks It’s an entire garden on wheels!

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