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How Two Moms Set The Table With Profile

We love special occasions. But we’re firm believers that you don’t need a special occasion to make life’s everyday moments feel special. A weeknight dinner can be just as festive as a holiday spread — even if it’s a quick pasta you throw together while old episodes of The Great British Baking Show play in the background. (Just us?) A couple of little touches are all it takes to make everyday moments more special: Keep cellphones off the table. Light a candle or two. And use tableware that lends a little bit of luxury.

That’s what we love about the new Profile collection: it seamlessly fits in with the way you live. It’s the classic white dinnerware every household needs, but with artistry that elevates it beyond basic. Think of it as a blank slate for your creativity and the foundation for a great morning, afternoon, or evening. The table. Light a candle or two. And use tableware that lends a little bit of luxury.

To show off the Profile collection’s versatility, two lifestyle influencers shared why the dinnerware is perfect for the way they live and showed us how they use it to celebrate life’s everyday moments.

Ashley Wilson

On her blog and Instagram account,  At Home With Ashley, this Florida-based mom is known for playing — and playing, and playing — with color. From rainbow staircases to tropical wallpaper, she’s not afraid to go bright. Whether Ashley is whipping up a special weekend breakfast or serving dessert first, the Profile collection fits right into her fun, energetic aesthetic.

“On the weekends we have a Saturday morning tradition of making crepes with lots of different toppings,” she tells us.

Another way Ashley makes mealtime special? By completely flipping it on its head. “Sometimes, we like to have a ‘backward dinner’ — dessert first and dinner second. It’s so fun, especially for little kids, and makes a normal day feel special."

Niña Williams

Niña is decorating not one but two dream homes for her family of six, and her followers love following along on Instagram as she preps for their move. Doubles are a theme in her life: Niña has an identical twin sister, with whom she had an HGTV Facebook Live show, 2x Design! When everyone in the family is together, Niña makes use of the Profile collection to serve delicious meals that match her classy neutral vibes.

She tells us that, “When my identical twin sister’s family comes over, it always feels like a party!”. “We make dinner for our collective eight kids during Sunday night football and it’s the perfect end to the week.”

Niña also relies on the Profile collection to make one of her family’s favorite winter traditions — soup night — extra special. “It’s getting pretty cold here in Iowa, so we like to make cozy meals to warm us up. In the winter, we have soup-themed dinner night and it’s always a hit.”

See the full Profile collection and let it inspire your everyday celebrations.