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Learn The Story Of LX Remix

Over 130 years of history has all led to this… Presenting our new LX Remix collection! Inspired by our most iconic patterns, this dinnerware and giftware line is a celebration of our past and a look toward the future with bright, bold colors made for today. We’ve been a part of your home for over a century. Now, for the first time ever, we’re inviting you into ours by peeling back the curtains into our archives. Get the scoop on this exciting new collection from Fawn, our Chief Creative Officer, and read on to see the full details!

Vintage Inspiration

The story of LX Remix began when the team took a trip to the Lenox archives and were amazed by what they found: over 130 years worth of artwork, sketches and samples. It was right there that an idea was born. Inspired by Lenox’s rich history, Fawn and her team decided to bridge the gap between 1889 and today by creating LX Remix. “The collection draws inspiration from some of our most iconic heritage patterns,” says Fawn, “and remixes them into something fabulous and new.” Four patterns are represented: Westchester, Autumn, Fountain and our signature laurel leaf emblem.

Iconic Designs

The oldest pattern that we played with is 1915’s Westchester. This opulent vase motif features bands of shimmering gold and etched scrollwork along the rim of each piece. It’s this etched gold technique that helped make Westchester part of history when it caught the eye of First Lady Edith Wilson. She saw it in a shop and loved the technique so much that she commissioned a presidential service for the White House—making Lenox the first American company to produce White House china! We took the same scrollwork design and added it to our LX Remix accent plates (in both blue and assorted colors), bowls and on our blue and yellow vases. Plus, you’ll find the vase icon as a stand-alone emblem at the center of our tidbit plates and coaster set.

“The collection draws inspiration from some of our most iconic heritage patterns and remixes them into something fabulous and new.”
Fawn Ostriak, Chief Creative Officer

Next up was Autumn: introduced in 1918 and still one of our top sellers today. Showcasing an overflowing cornucopia of fruit and berries, Autumn stands out with its hand-applied enamel dots for gorgeous texture. LX Remix takes that cornucopia motif and puts it front and center with a unique, colorblock look. “I love the mix of old and new,” says Fawn, “and the bold unexpected colors against the heritage motifs!” We crafted each LX Remix piece from strong and durable porcelain that stands up to long-lasting use, just like our bone china from back in the day. You can see Autumn represented on our bright yellow vase, tidbit plate and coaster set.

Lastly, LX Remix features the Lenox laurel leaf emblem, along with the elegant streams and majestic peacocks of 1926’s Fountain. Designed by our long-running Chief Designer, Frank Graham Holmes, this signature artwork was inspired by a trip he took to the 1925 World’s Fair in Paris. It was there that Frank saw the wrought iron gates that influenced the Fountain pattern. “It was considered to be daring and avant-garde at the time because it was so bold and colorful,” says Fawn. “So I like to think that we are making Frank Holmes proud by amping up the color and drama even more with our remix.” The full Fountain pattern comes in gold on our orange vase, plus the close-up detail of the peacocks are featured on the tidbit plates and coaster set.

“We’re creating something that feels very special, but is completely functional for today.”
- Fawn Ostriak, Chief Creative Officer


Bold & Gold

Each piece pops with bright hues and the icons of our past. To get the brilliant colors that you see, we used newly developed lead-free glazes. These glazes require extremely high firing temperatures to produce bold colors with sleek, glossy finishes. For even more elegance, we added touches of luxe gold to the artwork for an exuberant display. “LX Remix really pushes the boundaries of design and technology,” says Fawn. “We’re creating something that feels very special, but is completely functional for today.”

History Repeated

Think of LX Remix as a bridge between vintage Lenox and modern day (with just a century or so in between.) It’s a see-and-be-seen dinnerware and giftware collection that breathes new life into your home. To kick-off our new launch, we made a playlist filled with songs inspired by the sentiment of the collection: new remixes of classic tunes. Give it a listen and tell us what you think about the new collection by tagging us @lenox on Facebook or Instagram. We hope you love it just as much as we do!

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