Behind The Design

Let’s Dish With Fawn Ostriak

We talked to our own Fawn Ostriak, Chief Creative Officer at Lenox, to get her perspective on dinnerware trends, entertaining tips and her own personal hosting style. When she’s not busy planning our next exciting collection, Fawn spends her time cooking with her family and strives to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who sits at her table. Read on to find out more about Fawn (and to snag some clever hosting ideas!)

Q: What is your typical day like at Lenox?
A: I work with an amazing team! My typical day includes meeting with designers to review art and product samples and brainstorming the next big ideas.

Q: What’s your favorite trend you are seeing in dinnerware right now?
A: I love that people are mixing styles from different periods and playing with unexpected color combinations. It’s totally personal and eclectic. There are no rules!

Q: Describe your entertaining style?
A: My style is pretty simple and classic. I love to cook and try to keep the focus on delicious food and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for my guests.

Q: What’s the go-to meal on your table?
A: Having grown up in a Vietnamese family, Asian-inspired dishes are always a go-to for me. I enjoy experimenting with new dishes, so it’s unlikely that you’ll eat the same meal at my house more than once.

Q: What’s your #1 entertaining tip?
A: Don’t take things too seriously. Once the guests arrive, have fun and enjoy your event. Your guests have no idea if certain things did not turn out exactly as you had planned.

Q: Who/what inspires your style?
A: Everything! There is so much inspiration everywhere you look these days. It is my job to stay on top of new trends, but as a history fanatic, I am also inspired by vintage decorative objects, as well as the classic designers. I love the combination of old and new.

Q: What’s your favorite Lenox pattern?
A: I am a big fan of Autumn for its handwork, artistry and maximalist heritage vibe, but you can’t beat the new Profile for something that is totally versatile and goes with absolutely everything.

Q: What kind of music is always playing in the background at dinner?
A: When my children were younger, we started a tradition of playing music to fit with whatever food we were eating. For instance, Zydeco music with Jambalaya or Bollywood tunes with a good Indian curry. It is a tradition that has stuck with us and the kids have fun searching for the right music.

Q: What hosting rule is made to be broken?
A: That everything has to be complete and perfect when your guests arrive. Some of my best entertaining memories are when my early-arriving friends help with the finishing touches.

Q: What famous person would you love to have at your table?
A: Julia Child. She had such a passion for creating food and I admire her sense of humor and joyful spirit.

Q: Besides the table, where else do you like to enjoy your meals?
A: Definitely on our patio when the weather is nice. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to enjoying an occasional meal on the couch while watching “The Great British Bake Off”.

Thanks so much to Fawn for talking with us and giving us insight into your day-to-day life! Want to dish with us? Share your stories, recipes and more by tagging @lenox on Instagram and Facebook. Happy hosting!