Behind The Design

Let's Dish With Valerie Berstecher

Ever wonder who’s behind all those beautiful emails you get from Lenox? It’s Valerie Berstecher: our Senior Digital Designer! Valerie is a hard-working member of the Lenox Creative team who knows a thing or two about putting together a gorgeous tablescape (even if it’s digital!) When Valerie got engaged in July 2019, she planned a pretty spring wedding for all of her friends and family, but unfortunately had to put it on hold once COVID-19 hit. Valerie made the best of it and has kept up her positive attitude day after day. Read on to learn more about Valerie’s wedding plans, her top registry advice and what Lenox pieces will make a special appearance at her reception!

Q: What is your typical day like at Lenox?
A: Most days are fairly fast-paced! Between daily e-blasts, social graphics and website content, there’s always work to be done. When I’m not designing, I make time to review layouts and get feedback from my team members to ensure that visuals stay on target with our brand guidelines and we meet our marketing goals.

Q: What makes your job exciting?
A: Engaging with our customers. It might seem like a small thing, but when my work is clicked, liked or “hearted”, I feel like I’ve made a small connection with our followers.

Q: Tell us about your wedding plans!
A: Truthfully, my wedding is a bit of a moving target. We actually got married in early April in a small ceremony and now we’re waiting until the coast is clear to have our reception. Our ceremony was small and intimate, so we’re looking forward to having a celebration that truly feels like a big party.

Q: What exactly had to change because of COVID-19?
A: We decided to move our wedding date up two weeks and exchanged vows with just our officiant and immediate family present. Thanks to livestreaming, our extended family and friends could tune in. Even in its simplicity, we felt surrounded by immense love.

Q: What are your wedding colors?
A: Cloudy blue with indigo, peach and blush accents. 

Q: Do you plan to have any Lenox at your wedding?
A: Yes! We’re using an assortment of Painted Indigo vases for centerpieces around our reception venue. At the end of the night, we plan to give them as gifts to our family and bridal party.

Q: What registry advice would you give anyone who is newly engaged?
A: Take into consideration the life you’re living now and also what you might like to have down the road. Many items that we registered for made sense at the time, but after months of small, quarantined meals, we’re actually looking forward to hosting more guests once we’re able. I’m going to add a few serving pieces to our registry and remain hopeful!

Q: What wedding trends are you excited for?
A: The reception charcuterie table is a wedding trend that I hope never fades away.

Q: Who/what inspires your style?
A: Both of my grandmothers will always be a style inspiration to me. Each of them wed in the 1940s and had a timeless elegance in the way they dressed, carried themselves and created their homes. I strive to emulate their style and creativity in my life and work.

Q: And lastly—a question we always love to ask everyone—what’s your favorite Lenox pattern?
A: French Perle Bead definitely tops my list for its delicate border details and dishwasher-safe durability. I’ve also been eyeing Blue Bay ever since it launched. The espresso set, in particular, speaks to my caffeine-loving heart.

We want to thank Valerie for her thoughtful answers and we wish her all the best with her wedding plans! Do you know anyone who has had to re-think their wedding? Share your stories, registry must-haves and more by tagging @lenox on Instagram and Facebook.

Photography by Margo Reed Photo