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Luna In Your Life: How 3 Bloggers Use Their Luna

Compact, convenient and decisively chic, Luna blends in where it’s needed and stands out when you want it to. It’s designed to fit for your home, whether you’re in between apartments, moving into your forever house or living in a trendy travel trailer. (We know a girl. Read on…) Luna is a compact little wonder that’s so much more than dinnerware. But don’t just take our word for it. We talked to three bloggers to find out how Luna fits in their lives and why they’re currently obsessed.

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Sheena: The World Traveler

When most people say they have a small kitchen, they don’t usually mean like this. Sheena is a blogger at mavistheairstream.com, where she details her journey touring the country in her trendy travel trailer, along with her husband and her poodle.

When Sheena says space is limited, she means it. “With a small space, you have to make every bit of it count,” she notes. “I love that I can leave Luna out on the countertop and leave our precious cabinet space for other things—like food!”

As they explore new destinations, Sheena and her family (in their trusted trailer, Mavis) reach for Luna when eating at the table or taking in the sights out on the patio. Plus, Luna is durable enough to withstand all the bumps, breaks and stops that this tiny home on wheels hits. “I’ve already dropped a bowl on the floor and it was unscathed,” says Sheena. “That’s my kind of dinnerware—the type I don’t have to baby!”


April: The Do-It-All Mom

As a mother of four, April is always on the go. “My typical day is utter chaos most of the time,” she says. This charismatic supermom makes time to teach ballet, write her blog (catch her at champagnecolorredglasses.com) and cook for her family. Even with everyone’s crazy schedules, she still tries to sit down and eat together with her family.

Luna is April’s go-to for dinnertime, as the six bowls work perfectly for her family of six. “It makes food plating a no-brainer,” says April. “It not only makes for great dishes to give the kids snacks on, but it also works for lunches and buffet style dinners!” When she’s not cooking, her Luna nestles nicely on her kitchen counter.

"I use it for our casual backyard family dinners, as well as fancy schmancy date nights with my husband!” She calls it her “conversation starter” for whenever she has a get-together with friends. The bonus? The pretty blue color matches with her décor!


Amber: The Crafty Chick

Amber is a DIY expert who can turn any idea into a masterpiece. She posts her daily crafts on her blog, damasklove.com, and is currently the host of “Family Sundays”, a kids crafting series on Disney+. Amber is no stranger to using her imagination, even when it comes to dinnerware. It’s why Luna works perfectly in her life, where her days are bookended with some much-needed family time.

As the chef of the family, Amber dreams up every meal and brings it to life. “Since we live in a downtown Miami condo, we don’t have a huge kitchen,” says Amber, “but it’s plenty of room to make yummy homemade meals each night!” With her busy life, Amber says that style, function and efficiency are most important, which is why Luna comes in handy time and time again.

“Luna works for any meal we’re eating. And the ability to nest everything together means we don’t have to sacrifice space in our small kitchen.” Just like her crafts, Amber gets creative with Luna and gives every bowl and plate a purpose. “I love mixing a giant salad in the largest bowl and adding a side of soup in the smallest. Living in the city, the fact that they nest together is an added bonus.”


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