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How To Make A Unique Bouquet Display

Vases are so last year! Create a stunning DIY bouquet using those beautiful dinnerware and drinkware pieces you have around the house. We partnered with Tolani Lightfoot from Snapdragon Flowers (and small business star from our Close To Home With Lenox campaign!) to create these gorgeous arrangements in unconventional vessels. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a florist to wow your friends. All you need is a few tips and some statement pieces to truly make an impact. So grab your fresh stems (or faux flowers from the craft store—we won’t tell!) and we’ll show you how to copy these beautiful bouquets! 

A Fresh Cup

For a petite arrangement, try a teacup! These little beauties make a great makeshift vase for displaying at the center of your table. Tolani used a cup and saucer from our Sprig & Vine collection featuring sweet colors, golden accents and ornate finishes. Start with floral foam or chicken wire at the center of your teacup. When using a tiny vessel like this, vary the length of your stems so that the brightest blooms stand out at the center. Tolani combined roses, daisies and more in sunshine hues of yellow, orange and white. Lush greenery encircles the flowers for a springtime bouquet that will cheer up your home.

Take A Pitcher

We can’t wait for those Saturday sangria nights again. But when your friends all can’t get together, it’s time to turn that wine into water. Add fresh flowers into your pitcher, like this glass piece from our Tuscany Classics collection. The slanted design, wide handle and ready-to-pour spout make it great for serving cocktails, but it also works as a natural vase substitute that’s perfect for aerating wine or feeding thirsty flowers. For a tropical summer vibe, Tolani mixed together pinks, oranges and light yellows for a sunset-in-paradise feel. Just give it a good rinse and it instantly transforms back into a party pitcher for Bahama Mamas!

Beauty In A Bowl

This one is a no-brainer. A centerpiece bowl, like this gem from Opal Innocence Flourish, is practically begging for a bouquet with its wide bowl, footed design and eye-catching carvings. Cut your stems short and play with the space to make the dramatic colors pop. This bouquet exudes romance with its deep violet shades, blooming roses and tiny bud accompaniments. Paired with the pierced detail and scalloped edge of the bowl, it’s a breathtaking arrangement that will make a statement on the table.

What do you use as an unconventional vessel for your flowers? Show us your arrangements by tagging @lenox on Facebook or Instagram.

In partnership with Snapdragon Flowers