Tips & Tricks

4 Ways To Display Mistletoe Park

When the holiday season arrives, it’s tradition to add a touch of Christmas magic to the mantel…but what if you don’t have one? It’s not a problem with our Mistletoe Park Village Traditions collection. These snowy porcelain, small-town scenes with gleaming 24K gold accents and soft, glowing illumination create a cozy Christmas atmosphere anywhere you put them! From the table to the entryway and beyond, explore four ways to set up this versatile little village in your holiday home.

1. As The Centerpiece

A rustic wood base, a tartan table runner, Holiday Plaid dinnerware, and Mistletoe Park Village. Can you get more classic than that? When you want your table to glow with nostalgic charm, Mistletoe Park sets the scene all by itself, no candles needed. The durable white porcelain is versatile and matches with so many different dinnerware sets and essentials. A few evergreen branches add a touch of natural beauty to enjoy, while Tuscany Classics glassware and gold flatware elevate the celebration for sharing with your family and friends.

2. In The Window

So simple, yet so heartwarming. It doesn’t need to be elaborate to look elegant! Bring holiday cheer to your windowsill with Mistletoe Park Village figurines nestled neatly, snugly next to each other, as if you’re designing your very own main street. Cozy and quaint, you can also drape gold and white bead strands between each building. (In our opinion, it helps add an abstract snowy element to the scene.) Open your blinds and let your house’s real twinkling lights reflect back through the window for extra sparkle. It’s perfect for creating a cheerful ambiance that’ll radiate joy to all your neighbors.

3. On The Shelf

Move over, elf! Mistletoe Park Village brings a whole village of merry magic to your shelf instead! Arrange pieces amidst snowy evergreen trees and complementary colored books and any wall space, big or small, is transformed into a festive wonderland. For extra magic, weave a string of delicate fairy lights through the scene to add a soft sparkle behind the townscape. The result? A lovely display that’s sure to make the holiday spirit shine!

4. On A Dresser Or Buffet Table

Any wide, flat furniture will do—in the dining room, living room, by the front door, or wherever your guests will appreciate it most! Mistletoe Park Village’s simplicity and charm make it versatile enough to go anywhere and work with anything (including your existing