Tips & Tricks

Mix & Match: Retro & Modern

Pop the champagne: we’re celebrating our 130th birthday this year! Lenox has graced your table for over a century and our patterns are still just as versatile as they were 130 years ago. In honor of our birthday, we pulled together some inspiration on how to mix our modern pieces with a few retro favorites to create a classic-meets-contemporary tablescape.

Here’s how you can use your Lenox in a new and unique way.

Golden Glow

1915 & 2018

The luxe, 24k gold-etched Westchester™ pattern is instantly updated with the Moroccan-inspired shape of Contempo Luxe™. Created in 1915, Westchester™ is a beautiful choice for elevated settings, while the Contempo Luxe™ brings a modern flair.

Color Splash

1918 & 2017

This Autumn® dinner plate gets a colorful refresh when paired with our scalloped Marchesa by Lenox Shades of Blue™ accent plate. We love this combination for making the vibrant blue details of our classic Autumn® pattern really pop.

Night & Day

1920 & 2015

The art deco design of Rutledge™ is made modern when paired with the dark backdrop of a Marchesa by Lenox charger plate. Our favorite element here is the contrast of bright, colorful florals with dramatic, glossy black.

Effortlessly Elegant

1965 & 2018

This feminine pairing combines the '60s designs of Eternal® and Trianna Slate™ with a romantic Goldenrod™ dessert plate. The combination of these gold-accented styles together creates a fresh, updated feel.

Mixed Media

1998 & 2018

Go bold with regal Vintage Jewel® over the dark design of Chelse Muse. We love the pairing of our modern matte black collection with the moody elegance of this ‘90s pattern for a current (and trendy) look.

We love how these vintage patterns complement and contrast our contemporary dinnerware. Planning to try one of these combinations or inspired to create your own unique take? Share your vintage and modern mix by tagging us at @lenox on Instagram and Facebook.