Entertaining Ideas

Plan 3 Outdoor Summer Celebrations

You’ve been cooped up long enough! It’s time to get out and rediscover all the things you love about summer. From eating sliders in the backyard, picnic lunches in the park and catching lightning bugs at night, it’s easy to understand why summer is the happiest season. And this year, we have to do it up right! Here are three simple ideas for making the most of your time outside. We only have one rule: whatever you do, make sure it’s with the friends and family that you love!


DIY Cocktail Party

Remember the excitement of hearing the ice cream truck coming down the street? Recapture that same magic (the grown-up way) with this fun and simple party trick. Take a few popsicles and flip them upside down in our Tuscany Classics glasses. Pour in some rosé and let the juice melt slowly into your drink for a fruity, boozy boost. The cool popsicles will keep your drink chilled—not to mention sweet and colorful. Serve yours on a platter, like this Brook Lane piece from Kate Spade New York. It’s a clever way to keep your spirits bright!


Dinner For Two

Here’s a great change of pace for couples who’ve spent a little too much time inside together. Switch it up with a picnic sushi night by the bay. If you’re extra thoughtful, you can handmake your rolls, but feel free to keep it simple and order out. It’s all about presentation and location for this date night. Serve up your sushi on Blue Bay. The touchable textures make it unique, while the fun patterns keep your table looking fresh. But the must-have for this dinner is Butterfly Meadow. Our new line is perfect for Asian cuisines; including sushi plates, noodle bowls, chopsticks, soup spoons and a Lazy Susan for easy sharing.


Backyard Movie Night

The sun goes down; the snacks come out. As the day fades into dusk, set up a projector for a low-key watch party. Little bites make the moment much more special, so be sure to stock up your pantry. For our move night, we made buttered popcorn in Blue Bay bowls and laid out chocolate chip cookies on a coordinating platter. Rounding out the snackable assortment is the Blue Bay bowl and tray set. Each bowl comes in a unique design and gleams with a tiny gold rim at the top. We filled it with candy and nuts to satisfy both the sweet and salty lovers in our life. Press play and enjoy!

Which idea are you trying this summer? Tell us (or snap a picture!) and tag @lenox on Facebook or Instagram.