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How to Put Together A Holiday Hot Cocoa Bar

Calling all chocolate lovers! It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to indulge in cookies, sweets and hot chocolate—guilt-free. It’s easy to boil water and add a packet of your favorite mix, but we want to take our time this year and truly enjoy the little things in life. So, we put together a holiday hot cocoa bar! Below, we will guide you through how to do it yourself, from stocking the shelves to creating sweet accents and everything in between. 

Reinvent Your Bar Cart

We chose to spice up our bar cart for the holidays, but this can be done on a table or shelves, as well! Essentially, choose a clean space where your family and friends can easily access the sweet treats. Pull out a festive set of mugs, kitchen accessories and your favorite Christmas figurines. We chose the Holiday Ornament Candy Jar, Happy Holly Days Snowman Treat Dish and Balsam Lane Cookie Jar. Add some wintry pieces so you can keep your hot cocoa bar up past the holidays. The Holiday Impressions Collection is perfect for this, and we used the Mini Luna Nesting Set for toppings and tidbits.

Fun For The Whole Family


Fun For The Whole Family

Now that you have everything you need to sip and enjoy, it’s time for the hot cocoa! We created two versions of our bar cart: one that is family-friendly and one that is full of liquor and spirits. Depending on how you’re celebrating Christmas, you can choose marshmallow snowmen and light-up tree décor over Irish cream and chocolate liqueur—or vice versa. Stock the space with everything you need to make hot cocoa a family activity or get a holiday happy hour rolling with your friends.


Add The Finishing Touches

Add The Finishing Touches

Make the most out of this year’s hot cocoa experience with extra finishing touches. Create a stunning winter floral arrangement or add figurines and a tea towel to your cart. There’s no limit to how festive you can get! Here’s a cute idea: create marshmallow snowmen to sit on top of a mound of whipped cream. Skewer marshmallows together and melt regular chocolate chips and orange candy melts. Fill one Ziploc bag with each color, snip the corner of each bag and pipe the snowmen’s eyes, arms and carrot noses onto the marshmallows. These are perfect for adding flavor and cuteness to a simple cup of hot chocolate.

Sip Happily

Turn your hot cocoa bar into an all-night event! Take your hot chocolate to go and drive around the neighborhood to see some local light displays or cozy up by the fire for your favorite Christmas movie. Spend this time with the people closest to you and make your hot cocoa bar the highlight of the season.

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