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How to Set An Inviting Fall Table

You’ve just gotten your home fall ready with cinnamon-scented everything and pumpkins in every corner. We know when you gather with friends and family, you want to transfer that cozy feeling to your table. We love to celebrate this season with friendly gatherings, a warm atmosphere and lots of delicious food, so we pulled together our best tips on how to set an inviting table for fall.

Here’s how to craft that perfect fall mood…

Natural elements are key for creating a lively and inviting setting. Use dried flowers to spruce up your table. Brown is the perfect fall neutral to build from for your overall color scheme. Don’t worry—we’ll add color in other ways.

Incorporate natural harvest elements into your spread, like apples, grapes and pears. The food you serve brings richness to your table. Use lots of fall flavors and garnish with seeds, herbs and spices. Try this super-savory mushroom flatbread recipe with Gruyere and thyme, created for us by our friends at feedfeed. It’s an easy-to-share appetizer your guests will love.

Set your table with cloth napkins for a charming and inviting feel. This may seem simple but it can make a world of difference. Your friends and family will appreciate this cozy touch. It’s more elevated than paper and more eco-friendly. Use a neutral tone, complimentary pattern or a bold autumnal color.

Simple, small touches can really enhance the overall mood of your table. Adding bundles of flowers becomes a thoughtful detail. Lighting candles creates a cozy glow and relaxing atmosphere. And the leaf-shaped handles on our harvest pieces add a fun fall element that we particularly love. 

Now all that’s left is to enjoy spending time with family and friends this season.

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