Tips & Tricks

Valentine's Day: Make It Special

Get ready for the holiday that’s captured all our hearts—for a day that’s full of love and good laughs! Valentine’s Day is your softer side’s time to shine and the perfect opportunity to shower all your loved ones with affection. Tell your family and friends how much they mean to you and show them your appreciation with little acts of love all day.

Create The Cutest Cocktails

Gather all your friends, both gals and guys included, and share a drink with Park Circle! Make an all-new original or all-time favorite cocktail in these irresistible glasses. Your friends can customize cocktails (or mocktails) to their heart’s content, but don’t let them forget to add something sweet—garnish their drinks with a surprise piece of Valentine’s Day candy! For an added spark on this special day finish off everyone’s cocktail creations with a sparkler instead of a simple straw. After all, it’s Valentine’s Day and there’s no better time to let those sparks fly!

Bake Sweet Treats

Looking for a warm and fuzzy feeling this Valentine’s Day? Baking with loved ones is a timeless way to relax at home without skipping out on all the fun ways enjoy the holiday. Plus, when all is said and done everyone gets to share a piece of the pie! Add an extra layer of sweetness with heart-shaped cutouts and designs to top off your baking. Then serve your sweet treats on our lovely LX Remix Accent Plates for an extra iconic pop. After one bite of delicious homemade desserts, you’ll remember why they say the best way to their hearts is through their stomachs.

Handwritten From The Heart

Pick up a pen and put your thoughts on to paper to craft a classic love letter. Make a list of people you hold dear and work your way through it while you use all the wonderful words you can think of to express yourself. Take a moment to yourself and sip on something from Tuscany Classic Rosé Glasses to get your creativity flowing and then surprise them with the unexpected pleasure of opening genuine, heartfelt snail mail. Or make an event out of it and invite them to gather and enjoy snacking from our Autumn Studio Party Plates while you exchange personal valentines!