Laura's Top Registry Picks

Joseph and I, initially met in high school, but believe it or not, we were not high school sweethearts. We were friends for nearly a decade prior to deciding to take our relationship to the next level and become boyfriend and girlfriend. As you can tell by now, we like to take things slow. After dating for now 10 years, we are officially counting down the months until we make it official and say “I do”. 

Wedding planning sounds like it’s going to be great, and yes, many parts of it are fun but wedding planning for a destination wedding during a pandemic, the stress levels sure have been high and we have been finding ourselves taking leaps of faith in solidifying plans. 

Now that we have completed most of the major wedding planning tasks, we have begun to relax and begin partaking in the more enjoyable tasks; such as dreaming up our registry. Although our styles are quite similar in many ways, we as well are quite opposite. There we have been working on selecting items that match both of our styles and personalities in order to best customize our new home together.