Unique Flower Vases

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Vases for Flowers

Whether you’re ringing in the spring, bringing a touch of color to gray skies or just looking to enjoy a floral scent, there’s nothing so hopeful as putting fresh-cut flowers in your home. Lenox offers a vivifying collection of porcelain, stoneware, glass, and crystal flower vases.

We believe there’s no reason a vase shouldn’t be as beautiful as the flowers it contains. A porcelain or crystal flower vase is not just a functional tool, but a piece of art that decorates your home like any painting or ornamental rug. Our china vases sport delicate and daring designs, adorned with butterflies and cornucopias, or gently molded into eye-catching patterns and shapes. For a show of sheer perfection, the curves of our French-style crystal flower vase swoop together with an air of old-world sophistication.

These boutique bouquet vases are crafted to catch the eye, but unlike the ephemeral plants they hold, they’re built to last. With our commitment to quality and steadfast durability over decades, you can proudly display Lenox’s vases for flowers of any variety for years to come. With all the charm of a vintage flower vase, but none of the concerns for its delicacy, your Lenox vase will bring you both enjoyment and peace of mind. You can place your ceramic vase on a coffee table to draw the attention of guests or place it by your bed on a nightstand for a burst of color first thing in the morning.

Select a traditional crystal glass vase for flowers with a formal purpose, or consider a playful porcelain pitcher-style vase to achieve a cozy, rustic-chic aesthetic. When you choose a ceramic vase from our collection, you bring home premium craftsmanship and high-end design and take your floral arrangements from simple flowers to elevated visual displays. Delight guests and family members alike with a unique flower vase from the Lenox collection.