Lenox + The Clay Studio

Lenox, founded by visionary potter Walter Scott Lenox, is renowned for its high standards in beauty and craftsmanship. In this unique collaboration with The Clay Studio, we’re celebrating the work of four potters with an artistic perspective and a commitment to their craft we find truly outstanding.
Your purchase of a vessel directly supports the artist who created it.
We’re sure Mr. Lenox would approve.

Meet The Artists

Didem Mert

"In my work, I make connections between the utilitarian object and its counterparts; the user and/or the object's environment."
The daughter of a woodworker, Didem Mert was raised in a design-rich environment that still influences her work today. Her pieces bring tranquility with their minimalism, yet there is a sense of playfulness directed through geometry, color, and texture.

Masa Sasaki

"For me it is not enough that a final piece be essentially functional and pleasant, it must also be lasting in its desirability for use. Long after I have ceased to be productive the pieces that I accomplish today should still be enjoyed, appreciated, and used.”
A craftsman in a world saturated with mass-produced goods, Masa Sasaki strives to create unique, functional items that cannot be easily duplicated and that hold intrinsic value with their individualistic character.

Katherine Hackl

"The aesthetics of Japanese artwork have been an incredible influence. It’s one of the wells that I go back to over and over again.”
Early in her ceramics engagement, Katherine Hackl apprenticed with Byron Temple and Suehiro Oshio, masters who taught her the skills, values, and rhythm of a working studio life. A later apprenticeship with Moravian Pottery and Tile Works brought a focus on narrative imagery. Her work celebrates the individual
beauty of nature.

Nathan Willever

"I make pottery because I love the process of its creation. I pay close attention during each part of the process in an effort to make pots that are thoughtfully considered. … My pots are complete when they are in service, bringing a sense of human connection to the user.”
Nathan Willever creates functional pottery from local unprocessed materials. His pieces are inspired by numerous folk pottery traditions; with each vessel he strives to capture the unique energy and beauty of the inspiration culture.

About The Clay Studio

The Clay Studio inspires curiosity and discovery around the art and craft of clay, drawing together students, artists, and an engaged public into a welcoming community. Every day, in classrooms, studios, galleries, and neighborhoods, they strive to deepen the connection between people and clay with the highest quality programs and exhibitions. Founded in 1974, The Clay Studio continues in the belief that shared creativity, so fundamental to humanity, is a critical force for good.

Lenox + The Clay Studio

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