Entertaining Ideas

4 Spring Table Trends

Warmer days are almost here! And this year, the arrival of spring brings with it refreshing trends for your table. For those of you ready to move on from spartan décor styles and who love expressing your creativity, you’re in luck. This season, in all things home and beyond, fashion favors an individualistic statement: unexpected pairings, playfulness, and unique touches. So today, maybe amidst your spring cleaning, start dreaming—about fun events on the way, and table settings to take them to the next level. Here are the four top trends on our radar—all beautifully translated into tablescapes to inspire you.

Heirloom Meets Everyday

These days, people crave comfort, and they’re turning to heirloom pieces to spark happy memories. Mixed with more modern dinnerware designs, passed-down china can be enjoyed more regularly, without formality. And, this mix of old with new brings interest, cleverness, and history to your table at once. For our table, we paired the long-loved toile of Garden Grove with the new-and-now ease of Bay Colors. (Plus Blue Bay accents for a truly eclectic look.) Imperial Caviar flatware and Tuscany Classics Stackables in blue coordinate perfectly. Want to try this trend yourself? There’s only one rule: pick a palette and stick to it.

Just Add Flowers

Flowers for spring—it’s a perennial favorite. But not everyone has the budget or the storage to enjoy different dinnerware for every season. Instead, this trend is about investing in all-season dinnerware as your base (Bay Colors in solid white and Oyster Bay are what we used), then bringing seasonal elements in as accessories you can change out as the calendar dictates. A vivid Butterfly Meadow tablecloth sets a springtime scene in a snap - just add your favorite modern white dinnerware . Then, our clear French Perle pitcher serves as the perfect way to display a bouquet from the garden.