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3 Egg-Cellent Easter DIY's

Get excited for Easter with 3 egg-cellent DIYs to decorate your table! These spring-themed ideas will help you get set for the big celebration. Even better, they’re a lot of fun and easy to do!

1. Carrot Bouquet & Bunny-Eared Napkins

Need a centerpiece that really pops? Your guests will adore this bright orange accent (and are sure to ask you all about it). First step, pick a vessel that’s clear and not easily tipped over (remember, it has to hold weight). We recommend the Tuscany Classics carafe for its versatility; use it to pour drinks or decorate the table. Next, introduce whole carrots inside the vessel. Make sure they’re free of any bumps or blemishes, but with their leafy stems still attached. Finally, add a bouquet of bold orange flowers, we used ranunculus. It’s a genius way to give your table a unique element that goes with any Easter tradition.

Plus, make the whole scene say Easter just a little bit louder with easy-to-fold bunny-eared napkins. All you need are pretty linens and a bit of twine. It works well with hollowed-out or hard-boiled eggs. (Or, wrapped chocolate eggs if you find the right size.) Simply wrap your napkin around the egg, ensuring it ends in two ear-like tips, then secure with twine tied into a bow.


2. "Nested" Place Settings

Easter is a wonderful occasion to invite the great outdoors to your table. So, whether its faux or freshly foraged, gather everything mossy and green to brighten up a table runner. For added Easter flair, dot the display with quail eggs and bouquets of bright yellow daffodils, white hyacinths, or a combination of both as we’ve used. As a finishing touch and to tie the rustic vibe of the table together, we added nests to each French Perle Scallop place setting. It’s springtime perfection! 

3. Pressed Nature Easter Eggs

Elevate the Easter egg with this ingenious idea that’s the prettiest tribute to spring. All you need are boiled eggs, pressed flowers, and a little glue (we used a glue stick). Collect your materials from the craft store or your personal crafting cabinet, arrange the petals and foliage how you would like them on each egg, and adhere them with a light swipe of glue. It’s surprisingly easy to do, and each egg looks like a little work of art. We love how these look with Federal Gold dinnerware and Imperial Caviar flatware. It’s a beautiful way to refresh the Easter table!