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4 Ways To Pamper Mom for Mother's Day

She gave you life; she gave you love. Give her a day of pampering! Make this Mother’s Day extra special with four easy tips for spoiling Mom. Start the day with breakfast in bed and some tunes she’ll love and end it with a refreshing wine nightcap. If you’re a Mama yourself, click the links above to share this with your kids. (Because we all know they could use the help sometimes…) And don’t forget to pair your pampering with a thoughtful gift!

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Make A Breakfast Board

Mom always says it’s the most important meal of the day! Up your breakfast-in-bed game with a drool-worthy board filled with mini pancakes, fruit, bacon, OJ and so much more. Here’s where Mini Luna is a lifesaver. Our little nesting set holds six tiny bowls and two small dishes, so it’s perfect for pancake toppings, like fruit, dip, whipped cream and butter. Serve it on our Textured Neutrals platter with golden flatware for extra shine. Set down glasses of OJ next to the bed and Mom and will be smiling from ear to ear. Dads, take note—this is an easy one to set up with the kids!


Enjoy Low-Key Tea

Mother’s Day tea…but make it modern. Skip the formalities of a proper meal by trading in the tea sandwiches for Bundt cake. Mom will appreciate the relaxed vibe and you can keep it cozy in your loungewear. (We won’t tell Mom if you didn’t actually make the cake!) Our new Blossom Lane collection from Kate Spade New York is a beautiful choice for your brunch date with its carved floral pattern and sleek porcelain craftsmanship. Pour your freshly-brewed tea from Blue Bay for a trendy update to the traditional teapot. All that’s left is to flip through some old photo albums and talk about your favorite memories together.


Try DIY Face Masks

Nothing says pampering more than your own personal spa treatment. Bring all the luxury right to Mom’s house with a quick and easy DIY face mask. Just like its mini version with the breakfast board, our large Luna nesting set comes in handy with all its bowls and plates for prepping your ingredients. Mix avocado, honey, aloe and aloe together, plus take a capsule or two of Vitamin E. The avocado keeps your skin smooth and moisturized, while the honey and aloe help reduce breakouts. Toss cucumbers over your eyes and fade into relaxation…


Dress Up Her Wine

End your Mother’s Day on a sweet note with this quick and clever trick for sprucing up her drink. Freeze a few of her favorite flowers into ice cubes and serve them with white wine. Use our Cocktail Party bar tool set to keep your bottles chilled. (Psst…this set is so much more than just an ice bucket. It comes with a scoop, jigger, muddler and bottle opener for making every kind of cocktail.) Pour her wine in our Tuscany Classics glass for a delightful finish to her day!

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