5 Tips For Building Your Wedding Registry

Every couple has been through it. The excitement of the engagement eventually leads to this lingering feeling of all the things you have to do for the wedding. The last thing on your mind is what to tell people to get you as a gift. Shouldn’t they just know that? Take it from the wedding experts at Lenox—registering will be one of the best experiences you’ll have during your engagement! It’s the only time in your life that you can point to something and say, “I want that. I want it in blue. And I want you to get it for me,” and your family and friends will happily agree (and nobody’s feelings will get hurt!) Rethink the way you build your registry with these few tips from real couples who registered at Lenox!
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Make A Checklist

Sit down. Power up. And get ready to plan your dream registry. We love a good checklist to keep things neat and organized. Newly engaged Melissa (@melissamale) likes to start her day with some browsing in between bites of waffles on French Perle Scallop. Registering with Lenox has been a breeze, she says, because all of our products are expertly crafted and long-lasting. “Knowing that anything we get will stand the test of time makes it much easier to make the bigger choices,” says Melissa. Want to hear the good news? We already made a registry list for you! Hop on over to our wedding registry checklist to make sure you have everything you need for the big day and beyond.


Call In The Experts

“Planning a wedding is no easy task,” says Philly blogger, Maya (@magicallymaya). “I’m so grateful to have my Mom helping me out with all the details!” The best thing you can do when you’re feeling overwhelmed is enlist the help of your friends and family. The couples who have been through it before always know what products are essential…and what can be skipped. Even if you already have a well-stocked home, a wedding is the perfect time to upgrade your essentials for those future hosting moments. Stick to the big five: plates, bowls, utensils, serveware and home décor.


Focus On What You Enjoy

This may be a given, but it’s important to remember! If baking isn’t your thing, don’t force yourself to get a cupcake tin just because all your friends have one in their kitchens. Similarly, go all-out with the home items you do enjoy, especially between you and your fiancé. Brides-to-be Cassie and Alexa (@twofemmegems) absolutely adore an afternoon tea party with cucumber sandwiches and a proper tea set from our Blue Bay line. We’re all about moments that help the happy couple get closer!


Bring In Your Better Half

Breakfast is a little bit different these days for Laura (@itslauranava) and future hubby, Joe. In between sips of coffee on Blossom Lane, the two talk about their registry. “So far, we feel like we have added all the kitchenware must-haves for everyday essentials and a few items for all those special celebrations,” says Laura. Above all, the important thing to remember is not to go it alone! Building your registry shouldn’t be a daunting task and it’s definitely a process that the two of you can tackle together. Make time once a week to talk about what you have, what you need and what you want—three categories that sound very similar, but are actually distinctly different!


Have Fun!

“Adding items to your registry feels like making an adult Christmas list,” says beautiful bride, Giuliana (@giuliana_abate) and, honestly—we couldn’t agree more! It’s an endless amount of gifts (just for you) that are exactly what you wanted. What could be better? For her registry, Giuliana picked our blooming Sprig & Vine dinnerware, along with Malmo Gold flatware from Kate Spade New York. Her fiancé, Brian, chose our Cocktail Party Bar Tool Set that opens up to reveal an ice scoop, jigger, muddler and bottle opener and turns into the most stylish ice bucket you’ve ever owned. We love their enthusiasm when creating their registry. It’s the most important tip we can give!

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