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How to Create Brighter Days At Home

Whether you are snowed in or working remote, making your space feel comfy and cozy has never been more important. Your home is your sanctuary—and you should treat it like one! From colorful additions to the kitchen to fun ideas for indoor activities, we pulled together five ideas to help boost our moods and embrace the winter. Check out our tips below to learn how you can create brighter days at home. 

Add Color To Your Counter

Between the snow and the gray skies, it’s looking a little dreary outside of your window. Introduce fun hues with a bright floral arrangement or add a bowl of lemons, oranges, and other citruses to your kitchen counter. This is an easy way to liven up any space and add a pop of color to your day.

Stick To A Morning Routine

A regular routine is proven to lower stress levels and help you form beneficial, daily habits. Begin every morning with whatever makes you feel good inside from a quick workout to a cup of tea, hot shower or a few minutes playing with the dog! If you do this every day, you will feel more focused and have better, productive days. 

Bring Earthiness Indoors

It’s cold out. It gets darker earlier. It’s tough to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature during these chilly months, so we decided to bring nature inside! Wooden trays, fire-burning candles and water-filled vases are a few ways we love to bring the elements indoors. This helps to set the mood and create a serene, cozy space. 

Host A Game Night

Instead of leaving your nice and warm home, get family together for a game night and order takeout from your favorite, local restaurant. It’ll be a nice changeup from your regularly-scheduled Netflix binge. Put on the hot cocoa, share some laughs and get a little competitive over Scrabble. You won’t regret it! 

Make Cozy Dinners At Home

It’s time to put the winter dinnerware away and pull out your spring favorites. A brighter color palette, floral patterns and sweet metallic accents will transform your kitchen into a safe haven from the cold. Take a look at the recipes on our blog to make something warm and tasty like Golden Cauliflower Coconut Soup or Roasted Chickpea & Veggie Sheet-Pan Meal.

We want to see how you brighten your day! We’re always looking for new inspiration. Tag us @Lenox on Facebook and Instagram.