Tips & Tricks

How To Take A Spring Shelfie

Want to learn how to take a shelf shot like a pro? We’ll teach you! Jump on the new trend of creating a perfectly styled bookcase, shelf or mantel. It makes for one epic photo that’s bound to be a top-liked post on your feed (step aside, adorable pet pics!) Get the tricks behind the trade with a little help from our style and photography experts. Feel free to copy our notes…

Get Growing

Spring brings a breath of fresh air—literally. More sunshine. More flowers.More al fresco meals. It’s time to toss off that plush robe and step outside. So, when the weather gets warmer, bring the outdoors in! From touches of green to plants and floral arrangements, it’s the best way to introduce a bit of life back into your home after the cozy winter season. Pair our ornament tree next to a small succulent to set up the spring theme. Then, fill your tree with our mini ornament set featuring bunnies, flowers and eggs. Add some greenery popping out of our Sprig & Vine vases. The decals give it the golden touch that definitely catches the eye. Lastly, skip the hunt and sprinkle some speckled eggs around for a quick nod to Easter!

Let The Light In

Add warmth with some light-up décor! Start with our porcelain bunny figurines. These glazed pieces feature a glossy finish and pierced detailing so the light illuminates from the inside (and it looks even better at night!) Our Cottage Figurine is another adorable addition to your shelf with its bunny home motif and light-up windows. Spread out each piece to give them their own spotlight and to create a glowing backdrop against your wall.

Make Some Space

The key to great shelfie is balance. Play with height, size and space by grouping items that work well together. Don’t fret—it’ll take some time to get it right. A secret trick we like to use is propping up plates and turning them into statement décor. Our French Perle Scallop is perfect for this with its ruffled design and tea-stained edges. It’s definitely one that’ll get noticed. Pro tip: create the shelf set-up that you like best and then walk away from it for an hour or so. When you come back, see what catches your eye and then make little tweaks throughout the day. By the end of the night, you’ll have your perfect shelf!

Brighten Up

Bring on the color! For spring, we obviously love soft blues, peachy pinks and hints of gold. Treat your serveware as an aesthetic by spreading out pastel pieces throughout your shelves. To complement the pastels, bring in the smoky hues of our Valencia glassware. The cocktail glasses, all-purpose glasses and flutes make for mixed visual harmony that brings some elevation to your Easter décor. Now just take a big step back, bring in some natural light and snap that pic!

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