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How To Throw An Oktoberfest Celebration

You don't need to fly to Europe to enjoy Oktoberfest. Bring the festivities to your home by throwing a party filled with pretzels, bratwurst and beer. What started as a wedding celebration over 200 years ago quickly became an annual tradition. People from all over the world flock to Germany to drink, eat and celebrate the arrival of autumn. Now you can embrace the spirit and culture of the season (and party like the best of them) with your own celebration! Here’s how to throw an amazing Oktoberfest party.

Check Your Color

Bavarian blues and whites help set the scene. Lay out some gingham checkered napkins and a few striped straws to start. Complete the look with a matching bunting banner over your spread.

For music, fill a playlist with a mix of German folk songs and a few international crowd-pleasers, like “Sweet Caroline” and “Hey Baby (If You'll Be My Girl).” Pro tip: put on the song “Living Next Door to Alice” and teach your guests the call-and-response line—if you’re into the party getting a little more playful!

The Essential Duo

The celebration can’t start without these two must-haves: pretzels and beer. Pour glasses of crisp, fall-themed brews in one of our craft beer glasses from Tuscany Classics. Now bring on the salty snacks! Put out mini pretzels, rods in a tall glass and even try your hand at your own homemade pretzels. Our friends at feedfeed created this recipe for Bavarian pretzels that pairs perfectly with saucers of cheese and mustard for dipping.  

Grilled To Perfection

The star of the show? The meat! Serve up plump bratwurst, kielbasa, frankfurters and more. We paired it with a few peppers for extra zing. Throw the meat on skewers and spread them on a platter for your friends to pick. They’ll be toasting with their beer steins in one hand and munching on their kabobs with the other.

What To Wear

Don’t forget to dress up! For an authentic Oktoberfest celebration, the men should be in lederhosen and the women in dirndls. However, if your guests are more inclined to skip the traditional German garb, we have a shortcut. For men, throw on jean shorts, a mini checkered buttonfront and some high socks. For women, try a long, lightweight skirt with an apron over top, plus a pair of white sneakers.

Ladies can take it to the next level by making a beautiful flower crown. It’s quick and easy to throw together and really helps your outfit stand out. Here’s how to make it:

Flower Crown Tutorial

Step 1: Gather fresh flowers (or a few fake ones—we won’t tell), baby’s breath and leafy green stems. Cut them with a flower cutter so they are about equal in size.

Step 2: Twist two pieces of brown wire into a circle. Fit it to the size of your head to ensure it stays on snug. Start winding the greenery along the wire. Secure it in place with some green wire.

Step 3: Once your crown is full, start adding the flowers. Gather a mix of stems and wrap it together using floral tape. Tuck it into the open spaces of your crown to add an even balance.

Step 4: Secure each flower bundle with more green wire. Tie a ribbon on the back for an extra pretty touch and you’re all set!

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