Tips & Tricks

Me Time Moments

A new year brings new opportunity and a new mindset. Inhale deeply and look back on all the places you’ve been and then look forward to all the places you will be. Embrace this fresh start and get set for another year of loving life in all its beauty. Now is the perfect time to refresh yourself and your style!

Start Your Morning Slow

Wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized after a good night’s sleep–just don’t let that feeling slip away before you jump into the hustle of the day. Use those golden hour moments to get yourself on track for a successful day. Brew a calming mug of coffee or tea to savor with our Blue Bay Teacups or any of our other cute coffee mugs and make an attempt to avoid unnecessary screen time. There’s no need to strain your eyes the moment you hop out of bed so leave your phone in your pocket and your laptop closed. Consider taking the time you have and using it to improve your mental health through journaling, reading, or even meditating. Reclaim this time as your own and spend it wisely with yourself.

Love Yourself First

Once your day is in full swing it can start to get hectic. Make sure you keep your head above the water when it seems like tasks are piling up and do something good for yourself. As the saying goes, “A little goes a long way,” so brighten up your area and buy yourself flowers to decorate the space. Add a pop of life and color to your winter and let those flowers bloom in our Autumn Studio Pitcher. It’s a stunning way to brighten up your space whether you’re sprucing up a living room or office. Make your place warmer and more welcoming and surround yourself with enough joy to keep yourself content right where you are.

Wind Down

When all is said and done and the day is coming to a close, end it with a time-honored relaxation technique. Kick back on your couch in your favorite loungewear and sip on a glass of wine to watch your worries wash away. Select the drink of your choice and destress from the day regardless of what the world has thrown at you. This well-known secret is a common nightly tradition that helps everyone wind down before the chaos of tomorrow starts up again–only difference this time is that you’ll be ready to face it.


Let yourself lead the way to a wonderful day and join Lenox as we step into the new year together for another 365 days of enjoying and embracing the beauty in everything.