Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts

Celebrate the woman who shaped your life—whether that’s your mother, grandmother, or another maternal figure you adore. There’s no better way to express your gratitude than with a thoughtful gift she’ll love and enjoy with regularity. To help you find the perfect gift, we’ve curated a list of our top ten gift picks—little luxuries she’ll use every day.  Read below, then shop our Spring Gift Guide for more great ideas! 

1. Oyster Bay Espresso Set 

Why she’ll love it: it’s a reminder every morning how much she means to you! For the mother that savors a rich espresso, our Oyster Bay Espresso Cups & Saucers set makes the most thoughtful gift. Featuring organic shapes, each cup and saucer is decorated with natural watercolor motifs of painterly plaids, ombre washes, sketched lines, leaves, or dainty florals. The minimalist design and soft grey accents make it easy to mix and match with pieces already in her collection. 


2. Butterfly Meadow Herb Pots 

Why she’ll love it: it’s essential for homegrown garnishes. For the mother who loves to keep things fresh, help her cultivate her own fresh herbs and spices right in the kitchen. Our Butterfly Meadow herb pots come in a set of two, plus a tray for catching dirt and easy transport. It'll really bring new life to her kitchen! 


3. Tuscany Classics Coupe Cocktail Glasses 

Why she’ll love it: it’s perfect for toasting and hosting. Whether it’s to upgrade her happy hour or help her escape for a moment, Tuscany Classics coupe cocktail glasses add a delightful sense of sophistication and serenity to the occasion. 


4. Blue Bay Canisters  

Why she’ll love it: it instantly upgrades her storage game! For moms who consider the kitchen the heart of the home, here’s the perfect addition to her kitchen’s ambiance. Blue Bay canisters—just look at that organic, earthy design; it’s so cute for storing anything from sugar to flour and beyond. Plus, the set looks great on her countertops. 


5. Personalized New Baby Ornaments 

Why she’ll love it: it’s a heartfelt start to a new family tradition. Celebrate her new arrival with thoughtful gifts to mark the milestone. These popular, traditional baby ornaments, the blue giraffe and pink elephant, are charming keepsakes she’ll hang on her tree for years to come. Personalize them for a special touch!  


6. Tuscany Classics Carafe Set 

Why she’ll love it: it elevates and aerates all at once. Add distinction to her dinner parties with a carafe set that does double duty: the curved shape of the carafes helps prevent spillage, plus it makes it oh-so-easy to aerate wine so it’s served at its best. And, it looks great on her table. 


7. Butterfly Meadow Knife Set 


Why she’ll love it: it makes meal prep so pretty! Since mom’s always cooking up a storm, show your appreciation for her skill with a gift that’s a cut above. Featuring a lively, lovely motif, our Butterfly Meadow knife set is functional and beautiful—the best of both. 


8. French Perle Frames 

Why she’ll love it: they're an elegant display for what she holds close to heart! Another way to give the gift of cherished memories is with French Perle frames that capture the moment. Featuring dainty details and a gently scalloped design, these frames are ideal for showcasing her most meaningful and precious photos. Pro-tip: add a family portrait to take this gift to the next level.   


9. Butterfly Meadow Candle Votives 

Why she’ll love it: it will brighten her day with a fun pop of color! Available in vibrant pink, lilac, and blue hues, Butterfly Meadow candle votives are an amazing way to evoke the beauty and serenity of a secret garden getaway. They’re sure to add warmth to any room and any occasion. 


10. Sprig & Vine Luna 

Why she’ll love it: it's a stylish space saver. If Mom's short on space but big on style, she’ll love Sprig & Vine Luna, with neatly nesting bowls and plates that save space and coordinate beautifully. The design is practical and super cute—plus she can use the pieces from prep to presentation of her favorite recipes.