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What Dinnerware Matches Your Favorite Movie?

There’s a movie for every fan…and a dinnerware pattern for every genre! We’re playing matchmaker by finding the Lenox collection that matches your favorite type of movies. Read on to find out what dinnerware collection we picked for you…


Opal Innocence Flourish
From cinematic classics to contemporary romantic comedies, you always have your heart (and TV) set on a love story. Our Opal Innocence Flourish collection is just the thing for your sweet nature with its floral details and retro glamour appeal. Finished in burnished gold, this pattern creates a vintage vibe on your table that feels fresh each time you use it; just like your favorite romantic movie that you’ll watch over and over again.



Blue Bay
In the mood for something lighthearted? If your tastes tend to be more joyful and quirky (think Robin Williams over William Shakespeare), then you’ll love our Blue Bay collection. This mix-and-match ensemble is made up of fun and playful pieces that pair well together—just like your favorite comedy duo! Each piece features organic shapes with asymmetrical edges and textured finishes (talk about clever!) and unique patterns that will keep you smiling from ear to ear.


You appreciate the beauty and style of vintage cinematic masterpieces. Our Eternal pattern was introduced in 1965 and has become an iconic dinnerware staple in the 55 years since it debuted. As pretty as any classic Hollywood starlet, this pattern is made of creamy, white bone china with luscious, 24-karat gold accents. It’s a simple and stylish pattern that you can go back to again and again (much like your favorite classic movies!)


British Colonial
If your watch list is bombarded with exotic settings, swashbuckling pirates and heroes saving the day, this is the pattern for you. Our British Colonial collection speaks for itself with its artistic pineapples, palm trees and sail boat motifs that transport you to another world each time you use it. It’s a summer staple for anyone who loves a great escape…or piña coladas!


Do you celebrate Christmas in July every year? Is your TV set to the Hallmark channel for months on end? Then you’re a Christmas fanatic—just like us! We celebrate Christmas all year round at Lenox. As it has been since 1974 when it was created, the signature dinnerware on our Christmas table is Holiday. Featuring a cheerful mix of holly leaves and berries, this festive pattern comes in not only dinnerware, but glassware, serving pieces, figurines and more! Have yourself a merry little Christmas any time you want with Holiday on your table and a holiday movie on in the background.

Did we miss your favorite movies? What pattern do you think matches your top genres? Share your comments with us @lenox on Facebook or on Instagram!