Tips & Tricks

Enjoy A Winter Weekend At Home

No one wants to go outside on those bitterly cold weekends (whether it’s snowing outside or not!) We’d all much rather be cozied up in our homes, keeping warm with hot chocolate and a good book. Read on for some of our tips to use the winter-weather chills as a good reason to stay inside and relax…

Game On

A controller and a few games are all you need for a fun Friday night—snacking made easy, thanks to Luna! Invite some friends over for an evening full of laughs and distractions from the frosty weather. Though it might be cold outside, but who isn’t ever in the mood for ice cream? Use Luna to put out all your favorite toppings like sprinkles, cherries and (lots of) hot fudge.

Be Toasty

We see a latte, biscotti and a plush blanket in your future. Wait! Before you spend five dollars on a coffee from down the road, check out our oat milk latte recipe for your Saturday morning pick-me-up. It’s easy, delicious and you can make it with simple ingredients already have—no need to leave the house. Don’t forget to treat yourself with Blue Bay mugs to make your morning extra special.

Turn Up The Heat

Our hearty tortilla soup offers a bit of spice to jolt you out of your cabin fever. Keep the cozy feeling going all afternoon with this simple soup recipe that is great for lunchtime. You’ll soon forget about the wind howling outside with this meal warming you from inside. Curl up with your favorite book or show and enjoy!


Motion Picture Perfect

Now for the relaxing finale to your weekend. Sunday night is the time to pull out that movie watch-list and get around to all the films you always say you’ll watch but never have the time. Whether it’s classic cinema or a romantic comedy, you’ll enjoy this valuable you-time. Pour a glass, put up your feet and hit play!

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