Cait's Favorite Picks

Hi! I’m Cait. I founded Nest Out West on the principle that you don’t need to be made of money in order to create a home you love. Moving from the Midwest to Denver, CO in 2014, our first house had a small footprint and was builder-grade-basic. My husband Jason and I found ourselves using our nights and weekends to DIY projects that brought some much-needed warmth and character while not breaking the bank.

Upon having our first child (and realizing the complete lack of storage that house offered), we sold our first house to move into another fixer with loads of potential. Today, this home is where our toddler Joe, infant Everleigh, and quirky dog Gunner laugh, play, cry, and grow. It serves as a demonstration of my design vision and Jason’s handiwork. Jason and I also enjoy hosting our close friends and family for parties and soirees at our home. For him, it's all about the music, food, and beverages; for me, it's the décor and setting the tone for the evening by creating the right environment. I love creating a mood or feeling out of tangible objects, and Lenox provides the perfect pieces with which to accomplish that.